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Enchanting the Beast
Enchanting the Beast by Kathryne Kennedy
by Kathryne Kennedy

Magical storytelling!
Ghost hunter Lady Philomena Radcliff relieves suffering.  When Sir Nicodemus Wulfson approaches her to come to Grimspell Castle to hunt down the angry ghosts that torment his brother Royden, she can hardly refuse, even though her spiritual sensitivity warns her that Nico is no ordinary man.  His god-like body takes her breath away but underneath she catches a glimpse of the darkness in his soul.  Man and wolf, this were-creature has brooding secrets.  As the two of them are drawn together, external forces pull them apart.  Royden's ghosts step up the ante, forcing Lady Philomena to descend into the darkest places of the once medieval castle.   Can she uncover the powerful force that lurks in the shadows?  Outside of the castle, a murdering wolf is on the prowl.   Has the wolf within Nico lost control?  Is he responsible for the destruction and murder that follows in his wake?  Can Nico prove his innocence and protect those around him or will his past endanger all those he loves, including Philomena? 

ENCHANTING THE BEAST, the third book of The Relics of Merlin series, Kathryne Kennedy takes readers into a darker corner of magical Victorian England for a light yet moving fairy tale guaranteed to bring lots of smiles at the sheer beauty of the author's magical imagination.  London society is governed by an aristocracy based on magical ability, a society that frowns upon the lowly shape-shifters.  Grimspell Castle with its rumors of murder and were-creature inhabitants is not the kind of place for a society lady.  Lady Philomena herself never really fit into society.  Older and unmarried, Lady Philomena seems destined for spinsterhood, especially when none of the men in her past understood her ability to talk to ghosts.  Sir Nico is not like any man she has ever met before.  Lady Philomena is a woman driven by compassion for others.  She treats both shapeshifters and her servants with a kindness unseen in polite society.  Will the darker forces that surround Grimspell castle prey upon her innocence and goodness or will heart transform those around her, even bringing solace to the raging beast inside Sir Nico, a beast torn asunder by grief? 

ENCHANTING THE BEAST is quite simply magical!  Kathryne Kennedy brings together wonderful characters in a fairy tale setting in which romance, magic, and adventure are center stage.  Kathryne Kennedy weaves together all the elements of a reader's favorite fairy tales
with unique and unforgettable originality.  Lady Philomena and Sir Nico are perfectly matched not only romantically, but together, each unleashes the goodness and magic within the other.  Lady Philomena's entourage of the ghost guide Tup and her were-servant Sarah endear the heart with smiles and deep-felt emotion from beginning to end.  Adventurous subplots lead the reader down fascinating journeys full of delightful twists as Lady Philomena and Sir Nico explore both the inner castle below and the inner spirit that lurks within.  ENCHANTING THE BEAST --- indeed all The Relics of Merlin romances to date ---  have a special quality that no writing class can ever teach. Kathryne Kennedy is a natural storyteller, a storyteller who weaves the love of storytelling into each tale.  Each word flows from the other, each image opens a new world, a new emotion.  ENCHANTING THE BEAST has a perfect balance of entertaining lightness to sweep the reader away, yet enough depth to move the heart.  Fans of The Relics of Merlin series will discover a new delight as ENCHANTING THE BEAST expands the breadth of the series into new yet also familiar territory.  If you have not discovered Kathryne Kennedy's romances yet, you are truly missing out. 

Publisher: Dorchester - Love Spell (Feb 2009)
Series: Relics of Merlin

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