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Enchanting the Lady
Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy
by Kathryne Kennedy
Relics of Merlin, magic and a were-lion hero
Publisher: Love Spell (January 2008)
Kathryne Kennedy's Enchanting the Lady, a paranormal romance, set in magical London, captivates with its modern fairy tale echoes. The dark psychological family history comes face to face with love and an innocent heart and the transforming power of love. Victorian London is full of aristocratic magic. Felicity Seymour has to pass a magic test to inherit her family's lands. If she loses her duchy, what chance does this plain woman whom everyone overlooks have for marriage? None! Except this handsome baronet Sir Terence Blackwell, is the one person in all of London to not treat her if she is not invisible. A scandalous shape shifter, the scorn of the magical aristocratic society, a man and were-lion with a deep purring voice, Terence would set any woman's heart afire. Terence smells some kind of magic surrounding Felicity, the ancient Merlin relic magic. In a hunt to discover the last remaining relics, Terence hatches a plan to marry Felicity and seek revenge for the past. Is Felicity innocent or has she bewitched him with a pretense, hiding her magical abilities?

Enchanting the Lady creates a wonderful Victorian fairy tale kind of romance with intriguing shifts in the Cinderella paradigm. Having lost her parents and under the guardianship of her aunt and uncle, Felicity is the outcast with the family. Protected but sheltered, she appears almost invisible to the servants. Her cousin Ralph outdoes her in magic skills while nightmares plague Felicity. With her plain looks, no magic and no dowry, how will she ever escape her family's guardianship or find true love? Who would possibly want her?

Who couldn't help but love both the heroine and hero as they struggle against the aristocratic snobs and unknown forces? She takes Terence's breath away and his voice sends warm shivers down the spine. The magic is refreshingly original, enchanting the reader with a new look at a classic tale. Unexpected twists delight and keep this read suspenseful until the final moving moment. In Enchanting the Lady, love transforms and liberates. Enchanting the Lady has both the lightness of tone and the psychological depth of a fairy tale, retold with delightful a delightful dragonette, other magical creatures and ancient magic lore. Enchanting the Lady grabs that tender place in the heart and doesn't let go.

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