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The Cat, the Lady and the Liar
The Cat, the Lady and the Liar by Leann Sweeney
by Leann Sweeney

Special book in series!

When a cat is in trouble, sometimes the person behind the cat is also in trouble.  When a beautiful pampered cat is found by the side of the highway, the task to talk to the owner falls to cat enthusiast and quilter Jillian Hart.  The cat belongs to none other than Ritaestelle Longworth, a wealthy high-society lady.  Why won't she return the numerous phone calls to her about her lost cat?  What about the rumors of her erratic behavior?  When Ritaestelle unexpectedly shows up at Jillian Hart's home with a plea for help, Ritaestelle's troubles suddenly become all the more serious when a body turns up in the lake behind Jillian's home.  Ritaestelle is found next to the body and the preliminary clues all lead to her.  With so many ready to accuse Ritaestelle, Jillian knows that she must help both Ritaestelle and her beloved cat Isis.  With her three cats to guide her, will Jillian be able to get to the hidden truth behind the murder and help both a cat and the lady in trouble?

In THE CAT, THE LADY AND THE LIAR, the third in the Cats in Trouble series, Leann Sweeney pens another delightful cozy mystery in which cats take center stage.  Not only does a cat lead Jillian Hart to the mystery, but her own cats are an integral part of helping her solve the case.  The character of the spoiled Isis is humorous and somehow still adorable, at least to cat fancying readers.  The mystery surrounding Ritaestelle, a grand Southern dame, intrigues.  Even when one feels certain of the basic motive, the cast of possible murderers and the specific motive remains a puzzle to leave readers guessing until the final resolution. 
THE CAT, THE LADY AND THE LIAR is one fun mystery!

THE CAT, THE LADY AND THE LIAR is a special book in the series.  The preceding two books are just as fantastic, but here in the third book, the author brings the reader into the heart of the series' major characters, making them memorable in ways that touch the heart.  From Candace to Tom, a reader catches a deeper glimpse of the characters who populate the town and the series.  Even Jillian herself makes more of an impression as one discovers more about her inner feelings, her past and her relationship to other characters in the story.  In this third book, there is a transformation within the series that moves it from cool, fun cat mystery to a mystery in which characterization creates another richer dimension.  A reader starts to feel like an insider in the town and the series.  With this the third book, a reader feels the series has come together in a manner that will sustain itself through multiple new additions to the series.  A reader can enter the series at any point and read the first three books in any order although the preceding books do explain more about Jillian Hart's propensity for saving cats in trouble and her making of cat quilts.  THE CAT, THE LADY AND THE LIAR is a must read for cat lovers and cozy mystery enthusiasts! 

Obsidian Mystery (April 5, 2011)
A Cats In Trouble Mystery
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