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The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse
The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse by Leann Sweeney
by Leann Sweeney

A Mystery for cat lovers!

Jillian Hart's cat is allergic to people.  When she returns home from a quilt show, the sneezing of her cat Chablis raises a red flag. Jillian uses a special shampoo and takes precautions so Chablis has no reactions to her.  The sneezing can mean only one thing.  Someone has been in her home while she was away.  A further examination of the premises reveals that her Abyssinian cat Syrah is nowhere to be found.  Convinced that Syrah has been kidnapped, Jillian Hart starts her own investigation, an investigation which leads her to stories of more missing cats and a murder. 

Jillian Hart is a wonderful amateur sleuth!  Intelligent, caring and endowed with a spunky, smart humor, Jillian brings a nice flavor to this mystery.  Her character adds just a dash of contrast to the small town South Carolina setting with its cast of delightful characters. Her world centers around cats, not only her beautiful rescue cats but she imparts her knowledge and love of cats in everything she does.  She makes little cat quilts (what a wonderful idea --- my cat immediately goes to the comfort of a bedspread whenever he has the chance!) as a business and for the local shelter.  When her cat quilts show up at the murder scene, the clues become even more mysterious and the stakes more personal.  As she narrows down the possible suspects, Jillian suspects more cats are in trouble and she might just need to save herself as well!

THE CAT, THE QUILT AND THE CORPSE is a mystery for cat lovers!  At every step of the way from the sleuth to the case itself, cats are center stage in this mystery.  Fascinating cat lore, humor and knowledge fill the pages.  So often cats seem to play only an ancillary role in mysteries but in this first book of the Cats in Trouble Mysteries, readers can count on Leann Sweeney to give what cat lovers crave --- cats, cats and more cats!  
THE CAT, THE QUILT AND THE CORPSE will appeal to all sorts of cat lovers from those who adopt rescue cats from shelters to those fascinated by beautiful purebreds.  Jillian Hart has a heart of gold that extends to every cat.  Lest a cat lover fear the theme of cats in trouble, rest assured that Jillian Hart is indeed a sleuth determined to bring comfort to cats (and their beloved owners) as well as solve the murder mystery before her.  The mystery of the missing cats has several delightful twists that keep the reader guessing even as the clues narrow down the motive of the case.  If you are a mystery lover with a feline soft spot, THE CAT, THE QUILT AND THE CORPSE is a must-read.   This reader anxiously awaits the next case!

Obsidian  (May 2009)
Series: Cats In Trouble Mystery

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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