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Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife
Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife
by Michelle Styles

Powerful, passionate Viking romance full of intrigue
Vikar Hrutson, jaarl and leader of the invasion, has tangled with Bose the Dark many times. He knows the truth behind the Lidisfarne raid. Vikar has sworn vengeance and this time he will mete out the punishment and get his reward. Nothing will stop him. Bose the Dark may be trickier than Loki himself, but this time Vikar will be a wiser man. This time he will outwit the master games man himself. Sela sees the ominous dragon ships coming to invade. Although her father might be jaarl of the Northern Viken, he now lies weak and sick in bed. Sela herself will have to stand in his place. When the ships come ashore, Sela comes face to face with her worst nightmare --- her ex-husband! Under Viken law, custody of a child goes automatically to the father. Can she keep her son hidden? Determined as she is to keep her secret from Vikar, she cannot deny the way her body responds to this handsome, proud warrior. Thrust together and at cross purposes with him in his hunt to find Bose the Dark and claim the Hall as his own, will these two rediscover the passion that once kindled their hearts?

Michelle Styles' VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE is a stunning sequel to TAKEN BY THE VIKING. Although this second book can be read as a stand-alone, readers of the first book will discover more intriguing details behind the mysterious raid at Lindisfarne. In the first book, Michelle Styles' takes the reader into the heart of the Viken village. Here, she takes the reader into the heart of the family and the conflicts within and outside the family. Michelle Styles raises the emotional level several notches through her characters, all who have inner passions that bring their loyalties and motives into conflict. Vikar is a man as ambitious as he is stunning to behold. When he wants something, he knows how to get it. Sela is a woman loyal to her family, a woman whose pride will not allow her to be a doormat to any man. She stood up to Vikar once and she will again. She is older and wiser now than when she left Vikar. This time she will not be fooled by his charm because she has something more valuable than her own pride at stake ---her son. The enigmatic Bose the Dark and the elusive figure of Asa adds a richness and a delightful twist to this Viking romance. The vivid characters in VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE draw the reader right into the heart of this story.

Michelle Styles' VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE is a powerful, passionate romance full of intrigue as the hunt for Bose the Dark takes them into uncharted, wild terrain that puts her characters to the test. As their passions flame, a certain softer side also shines through in intimate moments that allow the reader to see the depth of her characters. Vikar's tough exterior gives way to a deeper look into a man's inner moments and desires. Michelle Styles' gives a beautiful, moving portrait of the Norse sagas and the role they play in the memory and hearts of Norse families. VIKING WARRIOR, UNWILLING WIFE has a perfect combination of highly-charged tension and tender intimate moments amidst the political maneuverings of outside forces. Michelle Styles gives readers a beautiful portrait of a second chance romance, a more mature love in which a man and a woman learn to trust each other and themselves more intimately than ever before. A striking romance!

Publisher: Harlequin Historical (December 2008)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Medieval Book Reviews
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