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Veiled Desires
  Veiled Desires by Tracy MacNish
by Tracy MacNish

Fantastic and Destined to be a Classic!

Tracy MacNish impressed historical romance fans with her debut romance Veiled Promises. In the style of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Ms. MacNish has released another October surprise with Veiled Desires; a beautifully well-written Georgian historical. The beautiful and alluring Emeline knows only how to be used by powerful, lustful men for her astounding looks and sensual body. It begins with her step-father, Simon, who sees her as a young girl and then marries her mother simply to possess her. He continues his evil control of Emeline by admitting her mother to a mental institution as a way to control every part of her life. But possessing Emeline is not enough. Simon wants to be his uncle's heir and so he uses Emeline as a pawn by selling her off as part of a gambling debt. Emeline becomes the Duke of Eaton's exclusive mistress and he possesses her by locking her up in a room in his home to use at his will. Jeffrey, the Duke of Eaton, is a powerful man of parliament, who can do anything without question, even in his own home, as his duchess overlooks Emeline's abuse and existence. But Simon does not realize that his uncle Jeffrey has written a letter to Rogan Mullen, his true heir. Rogan, the son of Patrick and Camille, the main characters in Veiled Promises, arrives to England's shores from Barbados. The dark, handsome Irish Rogan is more than willing to have a change and escape his life on Barbados in an attempt to run from the pain of losing his wife. He is unaware of all of the strange happenings and the evil at his uncle's home. Rogan meets Emeline by chance one night hearing her through the door of the room she is locked in. As the weeks progress, he prowls the nights trying to overcome the pain of his loss, and is drawn to the locked door and the woman kept prisoner behind it. Emeline and Rogan become friends, having nightly conversations through the door. They may not be able to visibly see each other, but as two tortured souls they understand each other's pain. Soon Emeline is released to be shown off by her uncle, but then the real evil begins as Simon reveals his real plan. He plots and wants Emeline to poison Rogan because Simon wants to be the heir. Emeline who has known only how to use and be used by people, has learned true friendship and love from Rogan. This evil plot she cannot complete, so she flees, and Rogan, the dashing hero, saves and marries Emeline. Together they fight evil and learn to love again. Veiled Desires is truely a story about beauty, desire, evil, justice and forgiveness; but mostly, it is a story of how true friendship and love can overcome the pains of life. It is a romance written in the true style of a classic and a story to be enjoyed over and over again. A wonderful sequel to a wonderful debut. I look forward to many more romances from Tracy MacNish in the future.

Publisher: Zebra (October 2006)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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