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David and Bathsheba
David and Bathsheba

Bathsheba, Solomon, Nathan and Abishag tend to aging David
Bathsheba, Solomon, Nathan and Abishag tend to aging David

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by Francine Rivers

The lineage of Jesus contains one of the most well-known women of the Bible - Bathsheba.  Bathsheba is notorious for her adulterous affair with King David but lesser known is the story of her redemption.  Her one night with King David had lasting consequences… to King David, to herself, and to Israel as a nation.  Step inside the pages of UNSPOKEN and see the woman behind one of the infamous affairs of all time.

As the mother of the wisest king of Israel, King Solomon, Bathsheba’s story offers up hope for all who have sinned.  Every action, whether for good or for bad, has consequences. Through the eyes of Bathsheba we see her sorrow and shame - and ultimately her redemption. Some of the aspects of her life were ones I’d never considered, especially the reactions of others towards her. While the Bible doesn’t explicitly describe the details of her life, Bathsheba’s story is one that still resonates with readers today. Francine Rivers provides readers another view of Bathsheba, a woman frequently scorned for her actions, and shows that there is hope for anyone, even in their darkest hours. 

God’s mercy is beyond human comprehension and Bathsheba’s story shows us a glimpse of just how powerful it can be. Francine Rivers doesn’t skirt the issues but faces them head on in a stark, seemingly simplistic way that only serves to highlight their importance.  UNSPOKEN is at its heart a tale of hope and comfort, showing that God is always with us through all our trials and tribulations.  Bravo, Ms. Rivers!

Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers (June 2001)
Series: The Lineage of Grace series (other books include: UNVEILED, UNASHAMED, UNSHAKEN, UNAFRAID)

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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