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Under Your Spell
(Witches of Mayfair, Book 1)
  Under Your Spell by Lois Greiman
by Lois Greiman


Lois Greiman, known for her superbly written Scottish Romances, mostly about the Fraser clan, and also for her beautifully sensual princess and pirate romances, breaks free into this simply enchanting new storyline about Witches in Mayfair. But these are not the type of witches that a reader would think of. Like Glenda the "good witch of the west" in the Wizard of Oz, these witches do no harm, but simply share unique gifts that add to a mundane social life, are alluring, and make tales of the Ton more fun than the normal historical or regency romance.

In the first of this fabulous trilogy, the bewitching Ella St. James can dazzle any man with her beauty and she snags the attention of the handsome Thomas Donovan. But Thomas and Ella both fight their attractions, as Ella is in London, a place she is not comfortable and does not find enjoyable with all the glittering parties. She is there because a dear friend is missing and feels it is her mission to find her. Thomas has secrets of his own for being around everywhere where the beautiful Ella is and his desire and attraction for Ella are getting in the way of his own mission. But are their two missions possibly connected? And if so, then can the sensual sparks and desire and sensual devour they feel for each other be even more powerful to help both of their situations?

Ms. Greiman has written another delightful story with this new series. Her talent can span any subject with characters that are sexy, charming, loving, honorable and totally unforgettable. The second book in this series cannot be released soon enough. Under Your Spell is an enjoyable fast read that keeps the reader glued to the pages and disappointed when it ends. A wonderful summer beach and pool read!

Publisher: Avon (May 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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