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The Tunnels
The Tunnels by Michelle Gagnon
Michelle Gagnon

Magnificent debut serial killer thriller!
Michelle Gagnon's debut thriller, The Tunnels, is a welcome new voice. This serial killer thriller chills the reader with an unusual motive and an ancient ritual that unfolds with page-turning suspense. Readers may not want to read this book alone at night. A New England college with a labyrinth of tunnels underground, rich girls found dead --- their fathers leaders in the world--- victims slain in a ritualistic and brutal fashion, ancient rituals from a religion unknown except to scholars...a serial killer whose pace is quickening...what more could a person want in a thriller? Thriller lovers will want to grab this debut book and catch the Michelle Gagnon ride while it is beginning.

When a college girl is found brutally and ritualistically murdered in the tunnels below the college, FBI Special Agent Kelly Jones sees the evidence, she knows that she has never encountered a serial killer like the one before her now. With the body count increasing, Kelley Jones must unravel the clues to prevent more killings. As she gets closer and closer, the killer begins to taunt her. Can she find him in time and will she survive their encounter?

Readers may want to read this book with the light on (not a book light!) or get an early start in the day. Something about a shadowed dark room, these tunnels and the kidnap scenes makes a person crave light. Kelley Jones is a multi-dimensional character. Following the trail of the serial killer with her as a guide is just downright thrilling. If you like thrillers with serial killers, this is a great choice. Even if, like me, you normally do not read serial killer thrillers, The Tunnels might surprise and please a reader. I certainly enjoyed this thriller much more than most to eagerly await the next Michelle Gagnon thriller.

Publisher: Mira (June 2007)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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