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Too Wicked to Tame
  Too Wicked to Tame by Sophie Jordan
by Sophie Jordan
5 Stars!

Wickedly Sexy!

Publisher: Avon (March 2007)

The beautiful and penniless Lady Portia Denning is traveling to the Yorkshire estates of the Earl of Moreton when her coach breaks down, her coachman takes off, and to make matters worse, a dark, handsome rogue nearly runs her over, splashes her with mud, and then sweeps her off her feet and onto his horse. She soon discovers the handsome bounder is the Earl of Moreton, the very gentleman her family insists she wed. She is more than determined to not marry him. Known as the "Mad" Earl of Moreton, Heath has lived with the scandal of family madness and is determined never to marry. When he discovers that his and Portia's grandmothers are arranging a marriage between them, he is livid. An emotional struggle of wills and physical desire ensue between the passionate couple. Heath is realizing the "mud pie" he discovered on the road is extremely desirable. Portia attempts to avoid the dark, handsome Heath, but no matter how she tries, her attraction builds. When Portia becomes lost in a storm while riding, she shelters at the hunting lodge on the estate. Heath rides out to find her. Discovering her in his retreat, he is disturbed when they have no choice but to spend the night. A night that heats up with intense passion that can no longer be denied, and they make love. The following morning Heath informs Portia that even though he has taken her innocence, he will not marry her. Realizing he is too wicked to tame, angry and hurt she leaves the estate to return home, penniless and vulnerable to the evil businessman Simon Oliver. When longtime secrets are revealed, Heath realizes he loves Portia and longs to win her love and marry her, but will it be too late?

Too Wicked to Tame is a wickedly pleasurable read. Sophie Jordan is one of the best newer romance authors with the talent to write romance that sizzles with desire and passion.

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books

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