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To Wed A Highlander
  To Wed A Highlander by Michele Sinclair
by Michele Sinclair

Excellent Sequel to Highlander Series!

Michele Sinclair fascinated and entertained Scottish Historical Romance fans with her debut, "The Highlander's Bride." In this sequel, the story of the McTiernay family continues with the youngest and first to marry McTiernay brother, Colin McTiernay, a highlander who married into a lowlander clan for political alliance and was briefly mentioned in the first book. Colin finds himself once again single, widowed, and being pushed by his father-in-law to marry his wife's sister, Makenna Dunstan, in order to keep the Dunstan clan strong and defended.

The strong and handsome leader still has not been accepted by the Dunstan clan, despite his previous marriage to Makenna's sister Deidre. Besides his problems with the Dunstan people's mistrust and the surrounding laird's greed in wanting Dunstan, he cannot believe he is being forced into marriage with Makenna, who he constantly was at odds with during his marriage, and feels another marriage is not required to be a strong laird. Deidre was blonde, blue-eyed, and meek; a woman trained to run a large keep and be an important laird's wife, but she was also very fragile. Colin loved Deidre in his own way, but his heart was not really engaged. Thus, it was a comfortable marriage. Now he is being offered a red-haired, green-eyed, tomboy, termagant, to deal with and marry, who is willful, can wield a sword as well as, or better than, many of the Dunstan men, and worst of all, has no idea how to do woman's work.

Makenna has many of the same feelings as Colin. She is afraid of him and her own feelings and lack of confidence to step into Deidre's place. She has seen Colin as the huge bellowing man that has done nothing but make her life miserable by not allowing her to sword practice and instead forced her to train at ladies work, where she was a complete failure and ridiculed by many of her people. From the time of the marriage and through the trials of running the Dunstan clan, Colin begins to see the colorful beauty and strength of Makenna and falls deeply in love with her, while at the same time, Makenna sees Colin as the strong leader needed for the clan, as well as one to awaken her womanly passions in bed. Can Colin convince Makenna that she is truly his first true love and save Dunstan at the same time?

This is a well-written, interesting, and entertaining story that is packed with suspense. Adding to the suspense and mystery is that there are many enemies within, trying to sabotage the keep and Makenna and Colin's budding desire, passion and love. As Colin struggles with his leadership and feelings of a true marriage of passion and love, Makenna struggles as well with her growing womanhood and homemaking skills. They soon grow to realize that Makenna's father made the true match the second time around and that Colin and Makenna are perfect for each other, not only in bed, but in keeping the Dunstan clan strong, united, and protected from dangers within and without.

As there are many McTiernay brothers, Scottish romance readers have more fun to look forward to in the future as the series continues. Michele Sinclair has a talent to keep the reader engaged with interesting storylines and unforgettable characters. A real Highland and Lowland treat!

Publisher: Zebra (July 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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