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A Thief in a Kilt
  A Thief in a Kilt by Sandy Blair
by Sandy Blair

Kilt Treat!

In this third Kilt Series we find the handsome "Thief of Hearts" Ian McKay taken in by desire, lust and confusion with the English beauty Kate Templeton who has come to the Scotish court looking for the Dowager Lady Campbell in disguise as a Campbell widow in order to obtain a list of noblemen that are true to the captured King James. Young King James is currently being held in an English prison for ransom and believes his countrymen have forgotten him. He is angry and is planning war between England and Scotland in order to hurt those noblemen who have forsaken him. Kate has been his tutor for years and is blackmailed into impersonating a Campbell to obtain information about the ransom. With Sandy Blair's unique writing style, this book will keep you laughing and wondering as to who the real "thief" actually is. As war looms with England and Scotland, Kate wants so very much to prevent it by bringing back the proof that King James does have his country's support. But the handsome, sexy Ian McKay is in Kate's way at every step and since he is a man of Lord Albany, who was supposed to have received the ransom note, but has not acted on it, she must flee his advances and discovery. She steals his horse and when he discovers she is not only a thief, but English and holding back on some secrets, he struggles with his physical desire for Kate and wanting to believe the secrets she holds are true. They work together to uncover the deception and in the process discover true love. Sandy Blair again has written a sexy and witty Scottish romp, with a little bit of mystery, that is fun to read for those who like a light Scottish Romance.

Publisher: Zebra (November 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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