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Texas Loving
  Texas Loving by Leigh Greenwood
by Leigh Greenwood

Saddle Up Loving Cowboys and Cowgirls!

The Maxwell Family is one of the most famous ranch families in the romance genre, with several books in a western series that are interesting, sexy and well-written, which is unique in a present era of vampire hunters and Matrix-type futuristic romances appearing to be so popular. Once again Mr. Greenwood allows his readers to enjoy the American West and provides handsome rugged men and strong, beautiful and willful women that were historically important in building America.

In Texas Loving Mr. Greenwood brings aristocratic England together with the American West for a rip roaring story that touches the heart. The youngest of the Maxwell children, Eden is one of those tough, strong and willful Texas beauties. She has never seen anything past the Broken Circle Ranch in Texas until she is part of the family that returns for a visit to England with her British grandfather. When Eden arrives in England, she is in awe and realizes that she has so much freedom in comparison to the strict society rules of the aristocracy. Upon the families arrival trouble begins almost immediately as old wounds are opened by the illegitimate side of the family arriving for a visit. Eden finds the dynamics interesting to watch, yet her feelings and heart begin to become involved, making her uncomfortable as she watches her cousins Patrick and Edward Davenport interact with their family and hers. It is the heir to the Davenport title, Edward that Eden seems to come in to more contact with during her visit. She sees this handsome aristocrat as the only hardworking family member, yet he seems to be looked down upon by all, even his current fiancé, because of his hard work on the estate, which is confusing to Eden who thinks living a life of leisure is a waste. As Eden and Edward begin to experience a spark of deep friendship and desire, a secret is revealed that topples Edward's world and breaks Eden's heart, as she is the one that reveals the secret.

Upon her return to Texas, she tries to put Edward out of her mind, but when he suddenly shows up at her brother's ranch as a ranch hand, new challenges are produced for both of them; especially when a big horse race is coming up and Edward wants to race his horse against Eden's. While Edward still harbors a bit of resentment for Eden because he feels she destroyed his life, he still is drawn to this wild and free beauty who knows more about horses and life than he does. As he learns Texas, he begins to learn about Eden even more and the desire leads them into a passion as hot as the State of Texas. But when Eden's life is in danger and other strange happenings begin to happen on the other Maxwell ranches, it brings Edward and Eden even closer. Edward wants nothing more than to win this horse race, but will he come to realize that he may want Eden more?

The blend of the two countries, together with passion under the Texas heat and stars makes this an extremely interesting read for those romance readers who enjoy an excellent western romance.

Publisher: Leisure Historical Romance (March 2008)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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