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Surrender to a Scoundrel
Surrender to a Scoundrel by Julianne MacLean 
by Julianne MacLean

Smooth Sexy Victorian!

Fans of historical romance will watch and wait for the next Julianne MacLean release, as each of her books are a delight to read. Surrender to a Scoundrel is no different. The usual research, story and character development is there like her other novels. This story takes place during the time of the famous Cowes Week and yacht races so popular during this period of history. It opens with young Evelyn Foster and her friend Penelope dressing up as young boys and sneaking into a boys dormitory in order to not only see what it looks like, but to sneak a peak of the handsome Lord Martin Langdon, who Penelope has a crush on. They catch the rogue in his usual pursuit, in bed with a young maiden. The straight-laced Evelyn Foster is completely turned off by this scoundrel, even though as a younger man he was a hero and saved her from drowning. The story then moves ahead years later to Crowes Week. Evelyn is attending the event as the sought after young, rich widow Evelyn Wheaton. Lord Martin Langdon arrives with his fast yacht, expecting to win the race and the heart of the most sought after lady of the event, only to find out that there is stiff competition for the race and that this year's sought after lady is a straight-laced, hard-to-get widow and just happens to be the Evelyn Foster from his youth. He is immediately enchanted by the older Evelyn, no longer plain, but beautiful and intelligent, as well as extremely wealthy. Evelyn is not so enchanted, as she remembers the rogue she knew years ago, and the scoundrel appears to not have changed by the stories of his exploits throughout the years since they last met. Martin's seduction eventually wears Evelyn down and they become passionate lovers. What is enchanting about this story is what Julianne MacLean has a talent to do - write the deep depth of feelings and struggles characters are dealing with to overcome their fears about life in order to realize that all that matters is love and that love overcomes all. She did this so beautifully in Love According to Lily and we see it once again in this story. I am looking forwarding to yet another Julianne MacLean romance.

Publisher: Avon (January 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books

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