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Stuff To Spy For
Stuff To Spy For by Don Bruns
by Don Bruns

Wacky, zany hilarious Florida mystery!

Friends James Lessor and Skip Moore may live in a run down apartment in Carol City, Florida but they dream big.  When Skip starts work installing the newest security system for Synco Systems, the huge commission seems too good to be true.  Sarah Crumbly, a heart throb from high school and now mistress of Sandler Conroy, Synco's president, approaches Skip with an unusual request.  If he will only pretend to be her boyfriend, the payout for this job will be even bigger.  How can he resist?  When he calls in his best friend James to assist, suddenly the job gets more complex.  Sandler's wife offers Skip even more money to find out exactly what is going on at Synco.  With a little prodding from James, suddenly Skip finds himself shopping for all kinds of expensive spy gear.  In the blink of an eye, Skip has moved from security installer to spy!  Will Skip and James be able to accomplish all these conflicting jobs?  The more they investigate, the crazier the schemes become and the more dangerous the possible consequences.  Will Skip and James be able to unravel all the intrigue going on behind the doors of Synco or will a loose end come back to snag their big dreams?  Who is playing whom?

STUFF TO SPY FOR, the third wacky novel featuring friends Skip and James after STUFF TO DIE FOR and STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF, is one fun, crazy ride from start to finish.  James and Skip may be slackers and even losers by some standards, hoping to make it to the big time, but one just can't help love them for their enthusiasm, their honorable intentions and the friendship they share.  No matter what crazy antic James plots and no matter to what zany situation James' imagination leads, Skip remains a true friend.  Zany does not even begin to describe the capers in which these two buddies find themselves!  A reader just can't help but root for them or want to say, "Stop. Don't do it!" These two are headed for trouble but no one can foresee all the twists and turns that will keep one on the edge of the seat and laughing at the same time.  This book can easily be read as a stand alone.

Don Bruns' STUFF TO SPY FOR is a natural choice for lovers of Carl Hiaasen or Tim Dorsey.  Fast-paced and suspenseful, STUFF TO SPY FOR is a wacky mystery with laugh out loud infectious humor.  Be forewarned --- I do mean infectious.  My husband heard my laughs as I read this book.  He snagged the book from me as soon as I finished the last page!   Don Bruns' STUFF TO SPY FOR is the perfect remedy for the winter doldrums or any other time a reader just needs to lose themselves in zany, humorous fun!

Oceanview Publishing (November 2009)
Author website
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