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Some Like It Brazen
  Some Like It Brazen by Deborah Raleigh
by Deborah Raleigh

Brazenly Sexy!

Debra Raleigh continues her "Some Like It..." series in this sexy and fast paced Regency about a gentleman farmer turned Earl and the beautiful and brazen daughter of the Duke of Lockharte. Lady Bianca is considered the most beautiful young lady of The Ton. Strong and willful, she has played with the affections of many noblemen, earning the name of Ice Princess. When she discovers that her father refuses the marriage offer of Lord Aldron, a gentleman considered one of the biggest rogues, but the one man she feels finally excites her, she is enraged. He threatens her with an arranged marriage of convenience if she cannot find a more suitable gentleman. Just when she feels she will forever long for Lord Aldron, she meets the newly titled Edward Sinclair. Edward has spent his life as a gentleman farmer. Known as the Peasant Earl, he is shunned by society, yet ladies of The Ton long to be with the strong, bronze, handsome Earl. He is uncomfortable with his new title, but embraces it in order to work for reform in the House of Lords. Bianca immediately enchants him when he sees her across a crowded ballroom. Upon meeting her he discovers her inner beauty and strength and quickly falls in love. His dear friend Lord Badwell is concerned for his friend's heart and warns him against Bianca. But the more Edward sees and spends time with Bianca, he is consumed with desire. Lady Bianca is also immediately drawn to Edward, not only for his looks, but inner strength. Longing to break free from her father's control, the longer she spends time with Edward, she begins to see that she can have a much fuller life than being a simple society lady. Edward and Bianca continue to lust for each other and soon they meet for a night of passion. When he proposes marriage, Bianca is concerned about The Duke's acceptance, especially when he refused Lord Aldron's suit and now she has really found true love with the Peasant Earl who is shunned by society. But The Duke surprises her with his acceptance and when she discovers that he manipulated this very relationship, she is furious. Lord Aldron, upon hearing about the upcoming marriage, confronts Bianca about her most recent love for him. Edward overhears this conversation and is heartbroken, feeling that Lord Bidwell has been correct all along and that Bianca has played with his feelings. Heartbroken, he returns to his family estate, trying to forget the beautiful brazen Bianca. Bianca is determined to not lose Edward. She shows up at his estate and attempts to convince him that she can fit into his simple life and that her love is true. She takes over being his housekeeper. Edward has not stopped loving and longing for Bianca, and upon seeing her earning the love of his house staff and tenants, he is convinced more than ever that he cannot live without her.

Some Like It Brazen is a beautiful, sensual Regency Romance. All of the "Some Like It..." books are a joy to read. The prose flows and the characters are endearing. The problem is that they all end so abruptly, making the reader feel there should be so much more. It almost appears like the publisher has limited this author to 300 pages. Debra Raleigh has the capability to write as well or better than some of the top popular romance authors. Although with that criticism, I have enjoyed every book ever written by this author and look forward to further "Some Like It..." stories.

Publisher: Zebra (March 2007)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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