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The Snow-Kissed Bride
 The Snow-Kissed Bride by Linda Goodnight
by Linda Goodnight

Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue romance

Melody Crawford prefers solitude, a solitude she shares with her search and rescue dogs in an isolated cabin in the Rocky Mountains.    Ex-army Ranger John North just started his job as the director of the new emergency management office.  When a child goes missing, the pressure is on to find the child and fast.  When he meets Melody, John can't help but be drawn to her.  In her eyes, he sees depth, and fear.  Melody is all business.  Melody is not about to stand around making pleasantries when time is the key to a successful rescue.  John North is the epitome of a military man, the last thing in the world she wants, with his calm strength and handsome physique.   John, however, needs Melody and her dogs. He intends to set his finest strategy to win her over.  Can he reach through to the deepest parts of her, shedding light and love into the darkness of her past?  When another rescue proves more difficult, both Melody and John face the ultimate challenge.  Together, can the two battle all the forces conspiring against them?

THE SNOW-KISSED BRIDE is a powerfully uplifting romance that combines emotional depth, action, and a suspenseful subplot.  The search and rescue backdrop of this romance will appeal to all dog lovers.  How can one not love a dog named Chili?!  Linda Goodnight creates a portrait of a heroine whose inner wounds isolate her but who has inner spunk, determination, and a vocational calling that allows her to help others, both human and canine.  When needed, Melody and her dogs get the job done.  John is the perfect match for Melody.  Just as driven in his profesional life, he also has a gift for laughter to break down her walls as well as the quiet determination, strategy and patience needed to show Melody that trust is a gift earned and something on which she can rely even when circumstances trigger images of the past.  Linda Goodnight holds back the details of Melody's past until just the precise moment, creating a suspenseful atmosphere as John and Melody become closer and closer. Possible suspicious activities shadow the emergency office, giving this gentle romance a riveting subplot.  THE SNOW-KISSED BRIDE has a wonderful flow from page to page, from scene to scene, in emotion, the sense of action and the suspenseful atmosphere.  Linda Goodnight writes an emotionally moving romance that peers into the very soul as her characters learn to share their past and trust one another.  Laughter is indeed the best remedy as their hearts lighten one another's life.

THE SNOW-KISSED BRIDE has an anti-smoking message in some pointed descriptions that might appeal to parents wanting to discourage the activity in younger readers but which might both appeal and not appeal to adult readers in her audience.

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (January 2009)
Heart to Heart
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Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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