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Simply Love
  Simply Love by Mary Balogh
by Mary Balogh

Simply Wonderful!

Simply Love is one of the best in Mary Balogh's Simply and Slightly series. In this tender and moving story we find two lost souls, a physically and emotionally wounded soldier Syndam Butler and an unwed mother Anne Jewell. Both know the reality of living within the fringes of society, silently baring their pain and loss. The loving and caring Bedwyn family members who love nothing more than a matchmaking challenge bring these two individuals together for a holiday at their Welsh estate, where Syndam is the steward for the Duke of Bewcastle and Anne and her son David are guests. A second son and former artist who was tortured by the enemy, we met Syndam in a previous story about his brother Kitt. We have also met the beautiful Anne as well, as she was the governess who put herself in the path of a wicked nobleman and was raped, instead of her mentally challenged charge, Pru. Bringing these two wounded secondary characters together from previous stories in the Bedwyn series is simply outstanding. Syndam and Jewel are drawn to each other immediately and a deep friendship develops. As their desire grows and they meet for a passionate afternoon, it is a slight diappointment for them both, and they come away feeling that maybe a life shared with another is not meant to be. But when Anne becomes pregnant once again facing motherhood without marriage, Syndam marries her. Afterward, as they begin their life together, they discover that families can be brought together and old wounds and relationships can be healed simply by love. This is a story not to be missed. The entire series is a must read, as not one of the books in the series is a disappointment. Mary Balogh has the talent to write beautiful stories about complex characters that come alive on the pages so that the reader feels they are there and intimately involved in the story with the characters and their families. Each book builds on the previous books with characters that develop and mature even further from their previous introduction. Simply Wonderful!

Publisher: Delacorte (August 2006)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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