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The Serpent Prince
  The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
by Elizabeth Hoyt

Magical and Sensual Historical!

Elizabeth Hoyt has improved with each release in her Fairy Tale Prince Series. It has become difficult to determine which one is the favorite, so it has to be the one you are currently reading! Her unique style of having an actual fairy tale being told by one of the characters while the real fairy tale-like storyline is developing, is extremely creative, leaving readers glued to the pages, once again reading another Prince series book that is interesting, sensual, and difficult to put down. These are not light stories with flighty characters, but complicated storylines containing characters that are imperfect and sensual, with moral character.

In The Serpent Prince a beautiful country girl Lucy Craddock-Hayes leads a quiet life helping others, wondering if love will ever come her way, when she happens upon Viscount Simon Iddesleigh, naked, unconscious, and near death on the side of the road. Lucy rescues Simon to recuperate in the home of her cranky old sea captain of a father with loyal servants who are old sea salts, just as cranky as their captain, whose antics, along with the rakeful Simon when he awakens, will keep the reader smiling. When he awakes he has immediate lust for the beautiful country mouse. Lucy, who has always led a perfect country life of decorum, is surprised by her sensual desire for Simon. But Simon has deep, dark secrets of vengeance underneath his sexy smile and beautiful body. Evil that already killed one he loved and may endanger those he has now come to love. Will the beautiful Lucy's sweet goodness be enough to transcend the evil in handsome Simon's life so he can truly love? Only one way to find out...read this third book in the series!

The Prince Series is a romance series fans will want to collect and read over and over again. A pure delight. Readers anxiously awaited this release and they will continue to look forward to the next Hoyt Historical Romance!

Publisher: Avon (November 2007)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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