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Seduction is Forever
  Seduction is Forever
by Jenna Petersen

Superb Regency Seduction!

As in the other two "Lady Spies" series, Jenna Petersen has created another Regency of sensuality and suspense leaving readers glued to the pages so as not to miss a moment of a well-written story with unforgettable characters. The whole storyline of Lady Spies during this interesting period in history is dramatically different, but then adding aristocratic widows with unique personalities and inner struggles of their own to overcome creates one of the most superb historical romance suspense trilogies of all time.

We left the last book with the heroine of this story, Emily Redgrave, shot and recuperating after being betrayed by a double agent. The recovered Emily is given a new assignment to protect the handsome Lord Westfield, Grant Ashbury, when really, unbeknownst to them, they have both been told to protect each other. The Foreign Office is wondering if two of their best agents still have what it takes. Is Emily traumatized by her shooting and is Grant really over his feelings of helplessness and hopelessness he experienced after a woman he knew got caught in the crossfire of a previous assignment? As Emily and Grant are thrown together to prove they still have the capabilities to continue as agents, their passion and desire for each other develops and grows, strengthening them along with their struggling doubts and discovery that both their skills are being watched and evaluated. Can they prove themselves as the excellent spies they are, while at the same time prove that their growing love can conquer all, making them stronger and even better agents, as Charlie, Lady M and Emily and Grant's friends and colleagues struggle with their doubts?

The best is saved for last in "Seduction is Forever" and many of the questions left unanswered in the previous stories are revealed, i.e., who actually is the infamous Lady M? It is also enjoyable to revisit the lives of the other two previous widows; Charlie's other two Regency Angels, Meredith and Anastasia. There are so many surprises, sensuality, mystery and fun in this third book. It is disappointing that the trilogy has come to an end; or has it?

Each book is strong enough to stand alone without reading the others first; but it certainly is a joy to read and re-read the series in order! Jenna Petersen's talent is masterful in this series, as well as her other books, and fans look forward to each one, patiently awaiting release dates. ......And for a further treat! Don't miss Jenna's erotic romances written under the pseudonym of Jess Michaels!

Publisher: Avon (October 2007)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books

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