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Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell
The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell by Samantha James 
by Samantha James

Deep Secrets and Heartwarming Passion

The handsome Simon Blackwell has lived for years with the emotional and physical scars of losing his wife and son in a horrific fire. He broods for years surviving in unhappiness and pain, working to push those close to him away so that he can forget, while at other times overcome with memories and how he was unable to save them. When the beautiful and vivacious Lady Annabel McBride attempts to save the son of her friend Caro from running out in the street and being run over by a horse, she meets the enraged Simon who believes Annabel to be the reckless mother of the young boy. The grateful Caro invites the handsome hero over for dinner and it there that Simon and Annabel meet once again. As the weeks go by they keep meeting at society events and sparks of what is thought to be mutual dislike and mistrust turn into flames of desire. One evening in a moonlit garden they are caught in a passionate embrace. The compromised Annabel soon finds herself walking down the aisle, beginning a marriage with Simon of desire, longing and pain. The last thing Simon wants to do is hurt Annabel, but what can there be but hurt when he announces on their wedding night that he wants a marriage of convenience with no children and will arrange for a divorce within a year? Annabel attempts to resign herself to a marriage of convenience, but it is Simon that finds it most difficult, as his true secret is the intense passion that he has for Annabel. No matter how much he tries to avoid Annabel and his desire, he cannot, and they come together for several nights of intense passion. Will Simon be able to overcome his emotional scars so that he can forget the past and give into his intense desire and love for Annabel? Will Annabel's growing love be strong enough for both of them in order to have a true, lasting marriage? The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell is an intense sexually charged story that delights while pulling at the heartstrings. Samantha James once again has written a well-developed story with characters that struggle with life's disappointments and find true love and happiness.

Publisher: Avon (April 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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