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Scandal in Spring
(Wallflower Quartet, Book 4)
Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas 
by Lisa Kleypas

Another Great Series Ends, but want more!  

In this story, the final book of The Wallflower Series, the beautiful, petite, bluestocking and American soap heiress Daisy Bowman discovers that while waiting for true love to happen she has waited a bit too long. Her father gives her an ultimatum; marry someone in three months or she will marry his business associate Matthew Swift. Matthew is Mr. Bowman's choice, not only for marriage, but to inherit the family business. Matthew is shocked at this discovery, as he has secretly loved Daisy for years, but has a shocking secret in his past that he must keep hidden and so does not want to marry. The story is sensual and heartwarming as Daisy fights her attaction to Matthew and then realizes she is slowing falling in love with him. All of the past Wallflowers and their spouses are back and once again together at Westcliff's country estate. The sparks begin as Daisy and Matthew reunite at the Wishing Well and build to a flame on a rainy afternoon in Matthew's bachelor quarters. The sensual love scenes are well written as in other stories. The disappointment is that this story ends so abruptly. So much is revealed at the end of the story and then it rushes through a wedding and ends with a brief epilogue. Could fans hope for more on the Wallflowers and their families? Even with the abrupt ending, this book will not disappoint and is a joy to read. As usual, I am waiting for the next Lisa Kleypas romance!

Publisher: Avon (August 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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