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Rich Man's Revenge
 Rich Man's Revenge by Tessa Radley
by Tessa Radley

A revenge that sparks romance as secrets are revealed

Danielle Sinclair has finally gotten her wild sister Kim settled into a nice marriage. Perhaps now she can relax. Don't count on it! Rico D'Alessio has come back, bent on revenge against the Sinclair family. It is not enough to take control over the Sinclair business. Instead Rico wants to make it personal and if it means taking Danielle Sinclair as his wife and making her pregnant, so be it. There's just one problem with his revenge plan ---when he chooses Danielle as his instrument of revenge, he never realized how his plans might just lead to a revenge sweeter than he ever imagined!

Rich Man's Revenge is Tessa Radley's second romance but already but there is something about this author that readers will just love. I normally do not get thrills reading about rich men (even less so today than in the past due to the current corporate culture). I don't like reading about Alpha men either ---- but I love reading Tessa Radley's romances and even the way she writes her corporate men. Readers will love the way Tessa Radley writes her heroines --- they are not submissive spineless women but bright and intelligent. When they find love it is about finding their heart and not compromising their inner strength.

The characters in Rich Man's Revenge are multi-dimensional characters, written with a depth and darkness. Here the hero and heroine have undiscovered dreams and strengths. The darkness of Rich Man's Revenge is one of emotionally wounded people whose wounds become the very foundation of their ability to love. Tessa Radley fans will recognize her distinctive stlye in this second book. Rich Man's Revenge is overflowing with crazy situations and and all sorts of events and moments crafted together with such skill. When I read the back cover blurb, I just wondered how in the world she would be able to put all this together and not make it feel it was contrived --- but she does! I love it! Every added detail reveals the characters, every complication comes from the heart and history of her characters.

Publisher: Silhouette Desire (June 2007)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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