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A tornado near Anadarko, Oklahoma.
A tornado near Anadarko, Oklahoma.

A pair of wedding rings
A pair of wedding rings

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Rekindled Hearts
Rekindled Hearts
by Brenda Minton

The storm that rips through the town of High Plains, Kansas, echoes the storm in Lexi Harmon’s heart. She had thought her marriage to Police Chief Colt Ridgeway was meant to be until death parted them and the ache left behind after their divorce is devastating. The tornado that rips through their town throws them back together as they are trapped together for six hours in her basement. Can Lexi and Colt overcome their own fears to see that the love between them is worth fighting for? Will they give love a second chance?

REKINDLED HEARTS is part of the After the Storm series. Readers unfamiliar with the prior books can still jump right in and understand the storyline as the ongoing threads, such as the saga of Tommy Jacobs’ missing dog, Charlie, are explained by Brenda Minton. The romance and reawakening of faith by Colt and Lexi compromise most of the book and as such, REKINDLED HEARTS can be read as a stand alone.

REKINDLED HEARTS is one of those rare gems that captures the love and pain that can exist in a relationship. Relationships are not always easy and the euphoria of “being in love” can fade but it is the bond that forms afterwards that lasts forever. Colt and Lexi have just that sort of bond but their own fears prevent them from putting their love to the test. Colt in particular finds it easier to leave, thinking that it will hurt Lexi less if he leaves now before there is any chance of harm happening to him. Brenda Minton does a fabulous job at incorporating their past with the present. The rebuilding of their love echoes the rebuilding of the town, making the story have a true sense of completeness.

REKINDLED HEARTS is a powerful story that touches on a subject often ignored in romances. Working on a relationship after getting married and being willing to take a risk with one’s heart is not an easy thing, as Lexi and Colt fully exemplify. Bravo to Brenda Minton for such a beautiful love story!

Publisher:  Steeple Hill Love Inspired (September 2009)
Other books in series:  After the Storm series

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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