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A resin statue of a Fairy
A resin statue of a Fairy

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URBAN FANTASY             
Queene of Light

by Jennifer Armintrout

Ayla should have killed him when she had the chance. She’s broken her geis as a member of the Assassin’s Guild by leaving the Death Angel, Malachi, alive. A strange attraction is growing between them, one that can have deadly consequences, as their two worlds clash. Political intrigues in the Lightworld are about to change everything….

QUEENE OF LIGHT is a fascinating journey into the world of the supernatural. Jennifer Armintrout creates a fascinating world in which alliances shift and change. None of the characters are wholly likeable or unlikable, perhaps with the exception of the human Keller. Instead, characters have shades of grey in that their actions, even the most despicable ones, generally have some sort of emotionally comprehensible reasoning behind them. The world in which Jennifer Armintrout’s characters reside is not an easy one to live in as factions and friendships change in a moment’s notice and thus her characters must adapt quickly to survive.

While the relationship developing between Ayla and Malachi is a central part of the story, QUEENE OF LIGHT is not your typical romance at all. Instead, the tale is more of a fusion of fantasy and paranormal romance that leaves the readers guessing as to what the ultimate outcome will be. Ayla is caught is being romantically pursued by Garret, Queene Mabb’s brother and her mentor, and her inability to stand up for herself can be frustrating. However, her personality traits are directly related to her outsider status, as she is half faery, half human and thus feels she must comply with everything in order to fit in.

QUEENE OF LIGHT is a fascinating start to what looks to be a promising series. Jennifer Armintrout has a gift at making unlikable characters seem likable and this is key to the success of QUEENE OF LIGHT. Well done!

Publisher: Mira (October 2009)

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