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Plan of the Bastille.

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The Man in the Iron Mask

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A Prisoner of Versailles
Prisoner of Versailles by Golden Keyes Parsons
by Golden Keyes Parsons

King Louis XIV is used to getting what he wants… and what he wants is Madeleine Clavell and her oldest son, Philippe! Madeleine’s options are limited by her love for her family and the king uses this to his full advantage. Will Madeleine be able to resist the king’s advances? And can Philippe stand strong against the allures of the court? Meanwhile, courtier Pierre Bouveé has his own burdens to bear. How will his involvement with the Clavell family affect his own faith?

Golden Keyes Parsons returns to the series first started with IN THE SHADOW OF THE KING. While A PRISONER OF VERSAILLES can be read as a stand alone, the story is best appreciated in the context of the series. The characters and their relationships have grown throughout both books and it may be difficult for readers to jump into the middle of the series and fully understand and sympathize with the hardships and trials the Clavell family has faced.

Faith in the midst of crisis and heartbreak is a central theme in both books. However, A PRISONER OF VERSAILLES takes this theme to a whole new level. Madeleine is used to being independent and in control of her own destiny. Suddenly, she’s a prisoner (albeit, one without bars to hold her) and she’s searching desperately to rescue herself. Madeleine’s actions are sometimes frustrating but they also make her realistic. Golden Keyes Parsons shows Madeleine’s anger and pain as she wonders where God is in the midst of such trying times.

A PRISONER OF VERSAILLES is a complex book that takes readers through a gamut of emotions. Golden Keyes Parsons includes historical details such as the tidbits about the treaty and the Man in the Iron Mask that help bring the time period to life. The combination of deep emotions with the fascinating historical backdrop makes A PRISONER OF VERSAILLES a definite winner!

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson (September 2009)
Other books in series:   Darkness to Light Series (first book is IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN KING)

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews
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