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Prime by Nate Kenyon
by Nate Kenyon

It’s a job no one else wanted… but William Bellows is willing to give it a shot. However, from the moment he arrives at the New London Towers, he meets resistance at every turn. Three users of the New London computer programming have been killed while accessing the virtual system and yet no one wants to give him the access he needs to find the bug within the programming. Is Kara a friend or foe? And just why is he being monitored with his every move?

PRIME is a phenomenal science fiction tale that offers a dark glimpse of what happens when reality becomes too enmeshed with virtual reality. Does a clone have free will or the same rights as one who is not a clone? What are the roles of government and religion as they apply to free will of the individual? Nate Kenyon delves deep into the world of science fiction to ask just these sorts of questions in a world that is disturbingly similar to our own.

Nate Kenyon excels at world building as he crafts a world in which technology dominates society. However, PRIME is not the sort of tale in which the technical details overwhelm the story. Instead, Nate Kenyon uses this backdrop to address issues of today as he offers a startling grim look at what can go awry when the lines between reality and the virtual world are blurred.

PRIME is a short book but one that produces some very thought provoking questions with each reread offering a new perspective. Nate Kenyon’s science fiction tale has all the earmarks of a classic. Bravo!

Publisher:  Apex Publications (July 2009)

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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