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Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family
 Pregnant Nurse, New-Found Family by Lynne Marshall
by Lynne Marshall

5 Stethoscopes
Heart-warming, emotional, tender --- wonderful!
Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romance  (October 2008)

ER doctor Gavin Riordan never expected to get custody of his nine year old son Patrick, but now that does, he is determined to make up for being the father he should have been. When his son begins wheezing, Gavin is determined to get to the bottom of his son's asthma attacks. When Dr. Bupinder Mehta sets up an allergy skin test for Patrick with the nurse, Gavin cannot believe his eyes! Standing before him is the beautiful nurse Bethany Caldwell, the woman with whom he had spent one night of unbridled passion a month ago! When she discovers that she is pregnant with his baby, Bethany's dilemma takes on a new urgency. Gavin is a man she just can't resist, especially when she sees him with his son. Bethany has had it with men who skip out so when Gavin attempts to rekindle the flames, she is cautious for her and her child's sake. With all these complications, can Gavin and Bethany's one night of passion lead to something deeper and lasting? Can one little boy and his asthma break through all hesitations past, bringing Gavin and Bethany together forever as a family?

From the first pages, Lynne Marshall's PREGNANT NURSE, NEW-FOUND FAMILY, takes the reader into the center of the medical drama within Los Angeles Mercy Hospital. Fast-paced emotionally-packed medical situations touch the lives of the doctors and nurses both in the allergy clinic and the ER. The reader feels the pulse-racing situations that her characters must face and yet at the same time, Lynne Marshall gives her readers heart-warming close-up vignettes of the patients and their families that show the emotional impact of the medical drama on the lives of her characters. The mystery of Patrick's asthma triggers brings a tenderness and family intimacy into this medical romance.

Humorous, sexy and professional, Gavin steals the heart with his innocent good-intentioned missteps. Fallible at times, Gavin is a hero determined to set things right. His heart is always in the right place even if his words aren't. Bethany's past has led her to distrust being dependent on others. She has a gift for being able to reach children. They just naturally see her good heart and open up to her. Lynne Marshall's portrayal of Patrick and his love for his father endears him to the reader --- it is no wonder that Bethany feels so drawn to Gavin! There is no mistaking the fact that Patrick has inherited one of Gavin's finer qualities --- a sense of caring for and responsibility to others. Lynne Marshall's PREGNANT NURSE, NEW-FOUND FAMILY is unforgettable.

Lynne Marshall makes the reader feel the fast pace and the drama of the medical lives of her characters.  I feel like I am right there beside them, feeling the urgency as well as their concern.  Her characters are busy people with lots of work and responsibilities yet she also makes me feel  these intimate moments in their lives.  Nice contrast!

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