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The Pirate And The Puritan
The Pirate And The Puritan 
by Mary Clayton
Extremely Enjoyable Pirate Treat!

For the mute spinster Puritan Mercy Penhall, losing her mother in a horrid manner was thought to be the worst nightmare of her life, until the ship she is traveling on is taken over by pirates. The beautiful Mercy has had a life of hardship and grief, paying for the sins of her mother and being shuffled from one relative to another, who do not want her for anything except to be a worker and nanny to their children.

Mercy is terrified and unable to express her fear to the handsome and hard pirate captain Edmund Gramercy, who has claimed her as his prize. But Edmund shows Mercy the meaning of her name, Mercy, and treats her with respect during her capture. As the days of the voyage go on, Edmund is drawn to this mute beauty and realizes in his situation, once a gentleman, forced to turn pirate, that he could never have a respected beauty as Mercy for his own. Mercy also begins to see the goodness in Edmund and for the first time in her isolated life falls in love. When Edmund allows her to escape for her own good, she returns to her spinster Puritan life, but this time changed, and longing for the arms and love of her Pirate, Edmund. In an exciting story that builds in intensity, as Edmund's and Mercy's love, the reader becomes captivated and enthralled in the substance of this story.

For those romance readers who enjoy pirate romances, do not overlook this one by Mary Clayton. Without one sexually explicit scene this author has the extreme talent to have sensuality ooze from page after page. It is a story with depth and well done historical research about the Puritan Religion, 1700's and the time of Queen Anne's war. A book to definitely put on your must read list!

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (September 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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