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O'Rourke's Bride
  O'Rourke's Bride by Barbara Dan
by Barbara Dan

Witty, Sexy, Irish West Romance!

Barbara Dan treats romance fans with a brand new rip roaring western romance with sexy passionate Irish characters that are very much like a mixture of two all-time favorite John Wayne movies, The Quiet Man and McLintock. Kate McGillacutty has grown up with all the conveniences of a wealth, but unfortunately without the closeness of her father, as her parents have been estranged. Her father decides it is time he needs an heir to his fortune and brings Kate and her mother back out west in order to arrange a marriage with the foreman of his mine. Kate and her father strongly disagree and when they argue she decides to outsmart him and his plan by marrying the first man she sees on the street. The handsome, down on his luck, Irish aristocrat, turned actor, and now just plain passed out drunk, Peter O'Rourke is her choice. He makes a side deal with her father to not only marry Kate, but accept a lumberjack foreman job. The main part of the plan is to take the pampered Kate with him to the camp in order to teach her the value of hard work and then return her in the spring for an annulment and remarriage to the foreman her father wanted her to marry all along. Kate is furious when she discovers she has been fooled and decides she is going to show everyone. Both Peter and Kate have much to prove to themselves and each other running and supporting the lumber camp, not counting on their desire that soon spins out of control. When the lumber camp burns in a forest fire they run for their lives and spend the night in a cave where their intense passion can no longer be denied and realize they are meant to be together. When word comes that Peter is now the heir to his family's title, he hides that little bit of information and not only does he end up fooling Kate's father into a deal so he can become a lumbar baron in his own right, but he fools Kate as well, who thinks he robs a bank for her. The sparks fly once again between the firey Irish couple with the families coming together. O'Rourke's Bride is a well-written story with passionate characters that will make you smile and laugh. It is a pleasure to read a brand new western romance that is so much fun. I can't wait for more from this author.

Publisher: Zebra (October 2006)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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