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One True Love
 One True Love by Lori Copeland
  by Lori Copeland

Inspirational Western romance: surrendering to God

Copper Wilson's friends and fellow school teachers Willow and Audrey found love after the war, but unlike them, Copper seems destined to spend her life alone.  Even worse, Copper's life seems cursed.  Nothing goes right and nothing seems easy.  When a fire burns down her school house, Copper manages to save the children, but she breaks her ankle in the process.  When the local doctor can't help, with a little help from her neighbors, she joins up with a wagon trail headed to Colorado.  If anyone can help her, the doctor at Fort Riceson can.  The medicinal laudanum helps the pain of her ankle but wagon master Josh Redlin has her fit to be tied.  The two of them can't seem to agree on anything.  Copper Wilson is a feisty woman with fire in her heart.  Rough terrain, rattlesnakes, unknown strangers all pose a threat to wagon trains heading west to say nothing of the Indians who may or may not be friendly.  As complications arise on their journey, Copper must increasingly let down her guard, surrendering herself to God and allowing others to care for her.  Neither are easy for this independent woman!  Could it be that maddening man is exactly what Copper needs?  And he her?  When the wagon train encounters their worst nightmare, will the two of them have the faith to journey onwards?  Will God's love work a miracle in their hearts and the hearts of those they encounter? 

In ONE TRUE LOVE, Lori Copeland brings faith and love into life's most difficult moments.    T
he third in the post Civil War inspirational romance series Belles of Timber Creek,  ONE TRUE LOVE can be read as a stand alone or in conjunction with the other two previous books of the series, TWICE LOVED and THREE TIMES BLESSED.  A series of 15 questions at the back proivide a useful supplement for reader and church group discussions.

Copper is a most refreshing inspirational heroine with her firebrand spirit and her ability to stand up to life's difficulties and irritations with gusto.  Even better, love does not tame her passionate spirit, but rather Lori Copeland matches her with a hero and friends who appreciate her for her spirit.  Lori Copeland creates dramatic situations that test her characters' faith, adding to the emotion of the story.  Copper's strength of character shows forth in all that she does, even in those moments when just enduring pain is an effort.   Her weaknesses and inner fears make her human. 

Compared to Copper, Josh acts calmly and methodically.  Josh is a dependable man with a seemingly endless ability for patience.  What secrets lie beneath the surface?  One or two hints about Josh's past might have increased the depth of his character throughout the story, but then again, Lori Copeland's narrative focus on Copper throughout most of the story allows other aspects of the narrative to have more effect.  Giving away too much too early would have watered down the drama.  Indeed, throughout Lori Copeland creates several dramatic twists and turns to challenge her characters and keep a reader glued to the pages. 

For fans, ONE TRUE LOVE is classic Lori Copeland with memorable characters and events characteristic of her writing.  Even the secondary characters bring a richness and depth to the story and the main characters.  Lori Copeland brings freshness and spirit to her inspirational romances. 
Lori Copeland brings the exciting West to life with a message of hope, endurance and God's presence in ONE TRUE LOVE.  Lori Copeland writes an moving inspirational tale in which God has a way of transforming the human heart, turning it turns outward in love towards others.

Publisher: Avon Inspire  (March 2, 2010)
Author website
Series: Belles of Timber Creek
Other books in the series: Twice Loved, Three Times Blessed

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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