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One Real Man
  One Real Man by Janette Kenny
by Janette Kenny

One Real Sexy Cowboy Romance!

Jeanette Kenny captivated western romance fans with her debut "One Real Cowboy;" by showing the loving, handsome and strong side to a cowboy. She has done it once more with even more flare in "One Real Man!"

A few years back, handsome Gil Yancy ran away from his rich family and an arranged marriage to become a cowboy. One night in a brothel he meets the prettiest thing he's ever seen. Little does he realize that Josie is desperate and afraid and has been abused by the brothel owner, Ross Parnell. She must escape before he hurts her further. Gil has never been the lovin' and leav'em type and wakes up feeling a bit guilty, until he finds out his head is not hurting from too much drink and good loving, but a knock in the head with a frying pan. To make matters worse, he discovers he has been robbed of all he owns. He wants revenge on the sweet little Josie, but at the same time, cannot seem to keep the lady thief off his mind. He roams the west, a rich easterner learning to be a cowboy, with a part of his mind always on Josie. Then he receives an urgent letter from his friend Everett Andrews who needs Gil's help at his ranch and offers him part of his land and also asks that he take care of his wife and daughter. Knowing his family is probably looking for him, Gil decides to take up Everett's offer, thinking Rocky Point Ranch would be a good place to hide while discovering the west and continuing to run from his family.

Gil shows up at Rocky Point Ranch only to discover that his sweet little thief Josie is Everett's widow and that her daughter, Sarah Ann, sure has a striking resemblance to his sister back east. The revenge he has longed for seems to have fallen into his lap, but he soon discovers that Josie and her daughter really need his help and that his passion and desire for Josie, together with his growing attachment to her daughter Sarah Ann, outweigh his long awaited revenge. He discovers there are other landowners after Josie and the ranch, even the town sheriff wants to court her, and there is also a local family that is trying to take Sarah Ann away from Josie. But more important, the evil Ross Parnell is searching for Josie for revenge much more dangerous than Gil ever thought of. Can Gil prove to Josie that he can be a cowboy, her true love, and help and protect her from the problems and evil that stalks her, while at the same time somehow get her to open up and confide in him the secrets and mysteries she is holding back?

In this hard to put down story, all mysteries and secrets build to an exciting conclusion. Just as Gil's family find him, many of Josie's secrets are revealed, and all of the bad guys seem to converge on Rocky Point and Josie at the same time. Will Gil admit his true feelings and do the right thing by Josie and Sarah Ann, protect and keep them safe, while proving to his family that life in the west on Rocky Point Ranch with his new little family is more important than wealth and privilege in the east? But most of all, can he prove to Josie that he is her One Real Man?

Publisher: Zebra (April 2008)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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