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One Real Cowboy
One Real Cowboy by Janette Kenny
by Janette Kenny

Colorful and sensuous debut western historical romance

Set in the 1890s in Kansas, Janette Kenny's amazing debut historical makes the reader sense the time period in vivid detail. The mismatch romance sizzles with suspenseful action that makes One Real Cowboy a fast-paced page turner. Jannette Kenny is a master storyteller.

Beatrix Northrope hires cowpoke Cord Tanner to marry her in order to abide by her grandfather's demands that she be married before he turns over the deed to Prairie Rose where she breeds thoroughbred horses. Her neighbor wants to add this land to his growing cattle ranch and has already made an offer for the land. Cord wants to leave Revolt, Kansas and his past, but first, he needs some money and the horse that comes at the completion of the contract. When her upper-class grandfather decides to come to America all the way from England to check on this marriage, everything goes wrong. Beatrix must prove that their marriage is stable and to a suitable husband with a suitable background, temperment, and a business acumen to manage the ranch. Upon his arrival, Beatrix discovers that her miserable ex-fiance and her aunt show up alongside her grandfather to pass judgement and stir discord. In addition, her father's death years ago looks less and less like an accident. Today, the incidents of sabotage and near accidents surrounding Prairie Rose escalate the closer she gets to obtaining the deed. Is Cord's unknown past more of a threat than their marriage of convenience is an asset? Beatrix must carefully balance all those who want her land, all those questioning her marriage, and this strange man she now calls her husband.

Cord's developing relationship to the wild stallion Zephyr parallels his relationship to Beatrix. Although a secondary character, Zephyr's past and future intrigue and provide subtle psychological depth to the main characters. A wonderful addition to this delightful romance!

The author's attention to sensuous detail allows the reader to imagine the time and the characters with all the senses. The heroine is bold, impulsive, intelligent and sometimes humorously naive. No wonder Cord has such a hard time abiding by the terms of their contract! As the Cord's character unfolds though Kenny's skillful dialogues and interior monologues, the reader finds herself drawn to him just like the heroine. The chemistry is electric. The romance is hotter than a summer day in Kansas --- but much more enjoyable. I eagerly await Kenny's next novel.

Publisher: Kensington Zebra (March 2007)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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