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One For the Road
One For the Road by Lynne Marshall
by Lynne Marshall
Delightful, humorous comeback romance
When her husband dies, D'Anne Palmer finds herself down on her finances with the luxury motor coach as her only asset.  If she can rent out her RV and offer her services as a driver, she might just be able to survive her current financial hardship.  Now that she has no one to look out after her, D'Anne must look out for herself.  She can't expect and doesn't want her children taking care of her.  Once country music singer Tyler White had a smash hit, but can he stage a comeback at this age?  He's put together the band and all the tour.  Now all he needs is cheap transportation.  D'Anne sets the stage with all sorts of rules for the band to follow, but some rules are meant to be broken.  Can the growing love of a good man loosen her up enough to enjoy the new world before her?  From the very beginning, Tyler feels a strong attraction to D'Anne but can he win her over?

In ONE FOR THE ROAD, Lynne Marshall breaks away from the format of the medical romance into a more free flowing and humorous romance more clearly her own.  Fans of her medical romances will cherish the author's theme of mature romances common in her new release as well as her medical romances.  The mature romance in ONE FOR THE ROAD is a refreshing change of pace from the young characters in many romances, characters that can become more and more juvenile if not trite as the distance between character and reader becomes more and more distant.  In ONE FOR THE ROAD, Lynne Marshall enters into more daring territory as her characterization and even action include realistic descriptions of her characters' age.  How refreshing!  The inclusion of these imperfections makes for a deeper, more moving romance as well as scenes that are quite humorous. 

ONE FOR THE ROAD is an entertaining sometimes wonderfully earthy, fast-paced romance between two individuals striving to re-establish themselves after life's circumstances have not always treated them well.  The dialogue adds both romance and delightful humor to the situations.  A bit of mystery adds a sense of drama to the trip.  For this reader, rating ONE FOR THE ROAD with a number is a difficult task.  At times, the cast of characters seems a bit large for the scope of one single romance, sometimes distracting from the intensity of the romance between Tyler and D'Anne although at other times, the characters and the conflicts between them give a sense of depth to the setting and characters.  If ONE FOR THE ROAD is the opening book in a series that will follow up on some of the other characters introduced here, then the amount of time given to the secondary characters fits better.   The narrative structure of ONE FOR THE ROAD is definitely looser than the tightness of the author's previous medical romances.  In this romance, Lynne Marshall adds details one might not expect to see in a romance, but these are precisely the details that make this romance special.

ONE FOR THE ROAD is highly recommended for romance readers looking for a humorous and moving romance between two more mature characters who have some life experience behind them.  Both characters are endearing in their own way precisely because they experience the vulnerabilities and imperfections common to humanity but both have big, big hearts.  ONE FOR THE ROAD is a romance that leaves a reader laughing and smiling and feeling good inside.  If you have not yet discovered Lynne Marshall's romances before, her romances are refreshing, uniquely delightful, and often explore exciting corners of the the romance genre. 

Publisher:  Wild Rose Press (June 30, 2011)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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