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Once Upon A Knight
Once Upon a Knight by Jackie Ivie
  by Jackie Ivie

Sensual Magical Scottish Romance
Deep in the 15th century Scottish Highlands,  Sybil Eschoncan thinks of nothing but escape from the loathsome Sir Ian, the man she is supposed to marry.  Handsome Vincent Danzel could have any woman he fancies so when Sybil passes him by without even a glance, he is taken aback.  Having escaped from prison with the help of his cousin, Vincent agrees to the one stipulation.  Vincent must seduce Sybil and then leave her and break her heart.  Vincent certainly has his work cut out for him.  As the two become closer, Vincent finds her harder and harder to resist.   For her part, Sybil cannot understand his reluctance to carry through with his plan of seduction.  Convinced she has tricked him with her magical herbs, he can think of nothing else but her.  As several obstacles encroach upon their shared intimacy, Vincent and Sybil must struggle within themselves as much as the enemies in order to find a way to the love growing in their hearts.  With all the plots and subplots threatening them, will they be able to unravel all that stands in their way?  Will vengeance or love win out in the end?

Jackie Ivie's ONCE UPON A KNIGHT is a sensual fairy tale romance full of adventure infused with a magical ambiance.  Sexy dialogue provides tension and a touch of humor as hero and heroine engage in a dance of seduction.  The enemies surrounding them are every bit as crafty and odious as fairy tale villains.  From her wolf guardian Waif, to the horrible mother-in-law, to jokes about a toad prince, Jackie Ivie creates a magical, fairy tale atmosphere surrounding her characters.   Romance lovers will delight in the dialogue.  Sexually innuendo-laden banter between hero and heroine add a dynamic not typically found in fairy tales.   The theme of vengeance binds together several of the subplots.  If you are a reader who prefers a simple linear plot with few complications, this may not be the romance for you.  If, on the other hand, you are a reader who craves surprises and adventure in your historical romance, ONCE UPON A KNIGHT has a rich narrative structure of plot twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the last page.   Jackie Ivie creates adventure not only 
in terms of physical journeys of her characters but also in an intricate web of intersections and intrigue.  ONCE UPON A KNIGHT is a tale into which readers can sink their hearts and romantic imagination.  Magic and fairy tale resonances take precedence over textbook historical setting and events although at the same time, history forms an important backdrop for this romance.  One easily visualizes the detailed architecture of a castle and other well-detailed descriptions incorporated within the action of the romance.   ONCE UPON A KNIGHT takes the reader into another magical time with memorable characters and a romance that will test her characters to the very core.  Delightful and sensually enchanting!

Publisher:  Kensington Zebra Historical Romance (October 2009)
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Reviewed by Merrimon, Medieval Book Reviews
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