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Once a Rake
  Once a Rake by Rona Sharon
by Rona Sharon

One of the Best ~ Wicked and Sensual!

When Rona Sharon wrote her debut "My Wicked Pirate," It was considered an unbelievably well-written story that read like it was written by an author that had written many books. Now with "Once a Rake," Ms. Sharon has proven with her complicated storyline and in-depth characters that her debut Historical Romance was not first time luck, but rather a debut of an extremely talented writer that is and will become a Historical Romance Reader's favorite for years to come.

In this heartwarming story, the strong, troubled, lonely and handsome Paris, Earl of Ashby leaves England to fight Napoleon with his best friend Will and returns with physical as well as emotional scars, which include not returning with his best friend Will. He returns with what he left behind, which is an even stronger love for Will's little sister Isabel. Lady Isabel Aubrey is even more beautiful, independent and strong than when she was thirteen years old when Paris last saw her. They both fondly remember that last kiss on a garden bench; Isabel's first. Returning scarred in so many ways, he realizes he loves Isabel even more, but is not good enough for her. But Isabel, stronger than she was as a young girl, has never forgotten that first kiss on a garden bench long ago and has rejected numerous marriage proposals, leaving her heart open for Paris. Paris returns a recluse, but she tracks him down and brings him back to life on so many levels. Because of his love for Isabel, he eventually finds himself returning to society, and also helping her and her friends with their charity for war widows. But there are those who want to destroy Paris and Isabel's love, and even go as far as ruining the society that Isabel created that is helping so many war torn families.

Isabel learns the difference between young puppy love and true sensual love while Paris comes to realize that he is more than a beautiful face. Once a rake, and at the top of society, he discovers true love is more than sensuality and passion, but true friendship and companionship. As Isabel and Paris learn the true meaning of life and love there is mystery, suspense, and an evil out to destroy what they have. Can Paris return to society, while Isabel learns to accept the changed Paris that is now so different from the handsome rake she first kissed so long ago?

This story is another hard to put down book that keeps the reader engrossed until the end. It is a true delight and not to be missed for those who love good, solid Regencies with mystery and sensuality.

Publisher: Zebra (December 2007)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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