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A Notorious Proposition
  A Notorious Proposition by Adele Ashworth
by Adele Ashworth

Notoriously Sensual!

When it comes to reading an Adele Ashworth romance, readers can expect an excellent story, in-depth characters, and a sensuality that oozes from the pages, keeping a reader riveted to the book. It is no different with this new title “A Notorious Proposition."

Revisiting a place called Winter Garden from a previous book of that name back in 2000, we find two people who left an intense emotional and physical love behind two years ago due to undercover government intrigue, mystery of missing Martello diamonds and amnesia. The handsome Garrett Burke, who is the mysterious Winter Garden’s Marquis of Rye, left the beautiful Lady Ivy Wentworth in his warm bed after an intense night of love to finish this mysterious business with the intentions of returning and asking for her hand in marriage. But then it seemed everything went wrong and to make matters worse, due to an injury he received that evening while trying to retrieve the famous Martello diamonds, he is left with no knowledge about what actually happened that night and the aspects of his relationship with Ivy. He is so confused that he actually suspects she may actually be involved in the nefarious plot; especially because her brother is missing since that fateful night.

Now it is two years later and the diamonds and other individuals besides Ivy’s brother, involved in the original mystery are missing. Everyone seems suspect, but most of all, it is Ivy that is the one deeply hurt at Garrett’s treatment of her, past and present, and his suspicion toward her. Her reputation is at stake, together with her fear for her brother’s life and his possible involvement in the original theft and current mystery. Garrett and Ivy find themselves thrown together at Winter Garden, at the invitation of the Marquis of Rye, who Ivy does not know is actually Garrett, while walking a fine line of suspicion, love and hate. Will Garrett find the diamonds and who is responsible for their theft and his injury, while at the same time will his memory return so he can remember just how important Ivy is to him? Will Ivy help Garrett by using her famous talent as a seer, to find her brother and somehow rediscover the diamonds and the love she once had for Garrett, while fighting the continuous sensual desire she discovers she cannot put behind her since that fateful night two years ago when Garrett left her in his bed?

Adele Ashworth is a superb talent that seems to get better with each book that is a definite keeper. Crime, mystery, and sensuality combine with excellent storylines and interesting characters to keep readers patiently awaiting a next release.

Publisher: Avon (June 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books

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