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No Regrets
  No Regrets by Michele Ann Young
by Michele Ann Young

Marvelous Regency That Warms the Heart!

Curvaceous and bespectacled Caroline Torrington has loved the handsome and charismatic Lord Lucas Foxhaven since childhood. Strong, but low on self-esteem, she feels dowdy and provincial, not realizing her friend Lucas finds everything about her wonderful, especially her curves. After her father's death, Caroline finds herself penniless and working hard scrubbing dishes in order to provide for her more beautiful and younger sisters. Caroline realizes her marriage to Lucas has been arranged and she would rather work than enter an arranged, loveless, marriage. Society considers her a laughingstock for not only refusing the marriage to Lord Foxhaven, but for her unacceptable societal appearance. Lucus, well-known rake, is aware he is adored by society, especially the ladies, but also realizes his father considers him a huge disappointment and is not ready for marriage. Lucas has no choice but to convince Caroline to marry him, otherwise, he will lose all of his funds.

When Lucas and Caroline finally agree to a marriage of convenience, they both find themselves angry, disappointed, and confused. Caroline does not want to relinquish full control, finding herself married to Lucas and stuck back in the country while Lucas enjoys whatever he pleases. So when she finally gives in and agrees to the marriage, she insists on a bit more; a written and signed contract that states she is allowed the freedom to go to London in order to learn polish and style so she can create a future in society for her beautiful sisters, and once this is accomplished, Lucus will agree to a divorce.

But is everything really as it appears; simple, yet complicated? Lucas fondly remembers growing up with Caroline, and deep inside has always found her curves and spectacles attractive. Does his father, society, as well as his dear friend, now wife, Caroline, really know the true Lucas? As Lucas and Caroline enter the marriage deep in unhappiness, Lucas has a wife and his father's approval, but finds himself more and more confused by his attraction to Caroline and his marriage. Instead of admitting the truth, he pushes Caroline further away from his daily life. Caroline still carries deep inside her the love she has had for Lucas for so many years. She soon begins to obtain some London polish, together with a touch of some happiness and a few friends, while trying so hard to keep her eyes on her goal of providing for her sister's future. But Caroline soon realizes she is not only learning about society and is beginning to fit in, but she is also developing sexual desire and passion for Lucas. Unable to deal with a life that has seemed to have always been full of heartache, with more heartache developing due to her growing desire for Lucus, she flees to Paris society in order to visit and become acquainted with her newly discovered mother's side of the family. She also decides this is the best time to finalize her marriage agreement with Lucus. She leaves England together with a note for Lucas stating this would be the best time for them to proceed with the divorce.

Caroline discovers that her happiness in finding her family leads to a long, complicated series of secrets and betrayals that are not only dangerous, but involve kidnapping. Who can she really trust and turn to in this dangerous time? Upon learning that Lucas has lost Caroline and that she may be in danger, the suspense builds and Lucus realizes he has loved Caroline forever. Like so many times when they were children, he came to her rescue. Can he now be the one to save her from this treachery, when it really counts, while at the same time earn back her love and respect, hoping for the possibility they can create a future with true love, passion and happiness?

Michele Ann Young has masterfully written a Regency Romance in a traditional style reminiscent of Jane Austen. "No Regrets" is a deeply moving, complicated love story with unforgettable characters. A perfect Regency Romance for the holiday season of true love and hope!

Publisher: SourceBooks (October 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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