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No One Heard Her Scream
No One Heard Her Scream
by Jordan Dane

   5 Hearts
Cold Case, hot romance, and one awesome suspense read from a debut author!

Publisher: Avon (March 2008)
San Antonio, Texas police officer Rebecca Montgomery lost her sister Danielle. Her body was never found. Tortured by the past, Rebecca cannot help but be reminded of her sister when another case of disappearing girls arises. Between the FBI coming in on the case and the intrusion of Becca's personal life into her professional life, Lieutenant Santiago has no choice but to take her off the case and reassign her to another case. At the crime scene of a possible arson at the Imperial Theater, a body is discovered in the ruins --- a body whose face is locked into a frozen scream, a body walled up in the masonry.

Diego Galvan stands out from the mob at the crime scene, seductively luring Becca into his world. When Becca discovers his connection to the organized crime through Hunter Cavanaugh, are his words a warning to protect her or a threat? As Becca's investigation leads her to the possibility of human trafficking, the modern day slave trade, the stakes get higher and higher as alliances unravel. Each turn leads to unexpected clues and increasing danger. Can she get out alive and give a voice to the victim's screams?

Jordan Dane’s brilliant characterization brings the reader right into the heart of her story. The reader feels their inner conflicts as well as how their past motivates them. Becca reaches beyond herself the victims of these horrific crimes. Even the villains are well developed and increasingly intriguing as Jordan Dane reveals the alliances that connect them. The suspense is magnificent, carefully unfolding as Becca uncovers layer after layer of interconnecting relationships. Even the most astute clue hunter will find wonderful surprises as each clue unfolds alongside the careful building of the emotional depth of her characters. Rebecca's connection to the victim in the case and her personal hunt for justice for the families makes No One Heard Her Scream a read that finely tunes the suspense and romance elements. Jordan Dane shows the heights of what an author can do in the Romantic Suspense genre.

Becca's search for justice, to bring compassion to the families, to speak for the victims, and the look inside herself and her own pain brings an unexpected almost spiritual light, a kind of love brought to the pursuit of justice against crime. Readers who love the television show Cold Case, especially the scenes when Detective Lilly Rush sees the ghosts of the victims after the case’s resolution will find special enjoyment in Jordan Dane‘s debut novel. Although compassion is an integral part of both works, No One Heard Her Scream adds new startling twists and rich dimensions to the cold case hunt as new crimes enter the plot, bringing characters into encounters and into conflict with one another. Justice is not about bringing closure but also about bringing compassion to those devastated by the effects of crime. For this reader, Jordan Dane’s debut novel is a smash hit. Despite its release early in the year, No One Heard Her Scream is already on my list of the top 2008 reads. Not only is Jordan Dane a welcome new voice but undoubtedly a future award winning author whose works will be marked in readers’ heart for a place on their keeper shelves.

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews

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