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Naughty By Nature
  Naughty By Nature by Barbara Pierce
by Barbara Pierce

Sensual and Heartwarming!

Fans of romance, and especially Barbara Pierce fans, will fall in love with this “Naughty” tale of passion that captivates the reader from the very first pages. Patience Rose Farnaly dreamed of being an actress. As a young girl of only fifteen, she is lured away from her upstanding aristocratic family by a ruthless con man, Julian Phoenix, for the theatre’s bright lights, but instead is abused. When an accident occurs, she leaves him for dead and joins another theatre group as Miss Winslow, feeling hurt and shamed to think of returning to her family.

While entertaining with her new group at one of London’s finest homes, she meets the handsome and charming Fowler Knowden, Earl of Ramscar. Ram finds the audacious and beautiful Patience Rose as the one who could possibly bring his sister, Meredith, severely burned by a fire and living as a hermit; out of the house and into society. Not only does Patience have the “patience,” but the style to bring Meredith out into society like a shining star. There is also mystery and intrigue, as well as the joy of a reunion for the lovely and kind Patience.

“Naughty by Nature” is truly a beautiful, touching, and yet sensual story with happy endings not just for Meredith, but true love for Patience and Ram. Not since Maddy and Christian Langland, Duke of Jerveaux in Laura Kinsdale’s “Flowers from the Storm” have I been so touched by a story. Ms. Pierce has written many entertaining and well-written romances, this is definitely one of her best!

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (November 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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