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My Unfair Lady
My Unfair Lady by Kathryne Kennedy
by Kathryne Kennedy

Sexy yet sweet; magical with a delightful twist of humor

Imagine the fireworks and humor when an unabashed Wild West beauty encounters proper Victorian English aristocracy!  Summer Wine Lee needs to impress her future mother-in-law, a lady of high New York standing, if she is to ever have a hope of marrying her beloved Monte.   Summer travels to England, hiring the infamous Duke of Monchester to make her into a proper lady.  With his royal connections, he can assure her the position she needs to impress Mrs. Astor and the New York bluebloods upon her return home.  The Duke of Monchester has every intention of turning her away.  He hates all the desperate Americans who come to London seeking to buy their titles.   He is not afraid to destroy them --- in fact, he takes delight in spreading word of their antics as entertainment.  One word from his scathing tongue can destroy a girl's reputation and all hope of success.  When he meets Summer, a woman with all the spunk and wildness of Annie Oakley, the Duke of Monchester simply can't resist her unusual ways.  With a knife in her boot and a menagerie beside her, can he ever tame her spirit or will her ways change his?

In her latest Victorian romance MY UNFAIR LADY, Kathryne Kennedy brings all the magic of her previous paranormal Victorian romances into a more classic historical romance.  While the characters possess no paranormal powers, their interactions with one another are pure magic, a magic born from the heart.  Summer Wine Lee has all the spunk of a wild west spitfire.  Unrestrained by societal pressures, she is both innocent at heart and yet unafraid to act naturally even if it shocks the British aristocracy.  She has all the bravery and know-how of the Apache.  Most of all, she is not a woman to sit meekly when action is required.  Quite simply, she is a handful for the Duke!  The Duke of Monchester is not a nice man.   His sharp tongue  can be deadly and his cynical humorous view of life cuts him off from deeper human interactions.  Summer Wine Lee, on the other hand, seems his opposite.  Innocent and caring, she has an inner sense of honor, an honor that clings doggedly to a vow even when her heart does not match.  Both the Duke and Summer need each other more than they know, not for the passion that grows between them, but their love challenges them to face themselves, expanding their hearts and understanding of honor.  Each opens up a depth within the other, setting the other free to be more fully themselves.  Kathryne Kennedy's MY UNFAIR LADY is a delightful twist on a classic tale, a twist that adds the magic and depth of romance more fully from the woman's point of view than the Pygmalion myth or even the modern muscial resonating in the title.  In Kathryne Kennedy's telling, both the hero and heroine are transformed.  Each grows through the influence of the other and each more fully becomes his or herself through the magic of love.

MY UNFAIR LADY captivates from start to finish.  Wonderful humor abounds as these unlikely pair encounter one another and Summer's enthusiastic energy breaks through all conventions.  Sexy yet sweet, MY UNFAIR LADY is a romance for all those readers who cherish the magic of innocence as well as the logic of the passionate heart.  Kathryne Kennedy is a storyteller through and through.  Her writing makes reading effortless.  From the first pages, I was so drawn into this story that I was unable to put it down until I reached the last page.  Kathryne Kennedy's MY UNFAIR LADY has everything --- memorable characters that steal the heart, romance that sizzles with its chemistry, a suspenseful subplot, humorous action, and above all, a romance that reaches to the depth of both man and woman.  Quite simply, in a world overflowing with new releases screaming for attention, MY UNFAIR LADY brings this reader back to the joy of reading romance and the pleasure of reading from the pen of a gifted storyteller.

Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca (December 1, 2009)
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