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My Lady's Treasure
  My Lady's Treasure by Catherine Kean
by Catherine Kean

A Medieval to Treasure!
Catherine Kean burst upon the historical romance scene with her first medieval romance Dance of Desire and captivated fans further with A Knight's Vengeance. In this newest release, My Lady's Treasure, she can easily be declared the upcoming Queen of Medieval Romance!

The beautiful and enchanting widow Lady Faye Rivellaux has promised her dying friend Lady Elayne Lorvais that she will care for her daughter Angeline. Living at Caldstowe Keep with Elayne’s husband Torr as guardian, soon becomes a nightmare for Faye when Angeline is kidnapped. In a strange twist, the kidnappers send the ransom note to Faye instead of Lord Lorvais, demanding she secretly bring a ransom of silver, otherwise Angeline will be killed. Faye in her impoverished state has no silver to give. She then remembers the Celtic Treasure that she and Elayne discovered at the lake on the grounds of Caldstowe Keep; a solid gold chalice that is thought to be part of the legendary King Arthur Treasure. It is at this lake where Elayne, Faye and Angeline enjoyed picnics and played during happier times where she is to make the exchange. Sir Brant Meslarches is the knight that arrives to collect the ransom. This mysterious, dark, and handsome man lives not only with a scar to his beautiful face, but deeper, emotional scars and a deep secret. Upon seeing the gold chalice he realizes this may be part of the legendary treasure his brother Royce spoke of, wrote about, and searched for his entire life before his death in the Crusades and where the journal regarding the legend and location of the treasure disappeared. When Faye realizes she will give up the chalice and not immediately receive Angeline in the exchange, she becomes enraged and strikes out at Brant. In the struggle she falls and is knocked unconscious. In a raging storm Brant takes Faye to his room at the local inn so that he can treat her wounds. There Brant and Faye struggle emotionally with their personal secrets and growing desire for each other. Faye realizes she must protect the whereabouts of the Arthurian treasure while at the same time see to the safe return of Angeline. When Faye escapes the following morning, stealing back her treasure, Brant follows her to Caldstowe Keep. It is there that the real mystery begins with questions and suspicions arising regarding the circumstances of Angeline’s disappearance, Torr’s evil plots and secrets, and Elayne’s death. Added to the mystery and intrigue are the possible connection of these events to Brant’s deepest struggle, the murder of his brother Royce and the disappearance of Royce’s journal. Brant desires to find the treasure that his brother searched for his entire life, as a form of personal retribution, while Faye wants Angeline safely returned. They decide to work together to unravel the mysteries. These searches bring Brant and Faye closer together and while their attraction grows, Brant struggles with his desire for Faye, feeling dishonorable, while Faye struggles with her desire for Brant, knowing he is somehow involved in Angeline’s kidnapping. Their desire continues to build to an intense moment of passion while the many secrets and mysteries at Caldstowe Keep unravel. Soon they find themselves in an intense struggle to save their lives. In the exciting conclusion mysteries are solved and longtime secrets are revealed.

My Lady’s Treasure blends the beauty and pageantry of the medieval period together with Arthurian legend and mystery to form an intense and sensual romance. It is masterfully written and researched with characters of depth. Another beautiful book outside as well as in, as Catherine Kean’s books are noted for their beautiful medieval Celtic covers. Another 5 Star medieval romance to add to your collection!

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Publisher: Medallion Press (April 2007)

Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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