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Murder on the Mind
Murder on the Mind
by L.L. Bartlett

Murder on the Mind: psychic or brain damaged sleuth?
L.L. Bartlett's Murder on the Mind is an exceptional debut mystery that adds a paranormal element to the enjoyment of unraveling traditional investigative techniques. Told in the first person through the eyes of a psychic sleuth, or perhaps brain damaged, Murder on the Mind heightens the level of suspense as each new clue or vision arises.

A mugging in Manhattan, leaves former insurance investigator Jeff Resnick with broken bones and a fractured skull --- and completely dependent on his rich estranged half brother Dr. Richard Alpert and his girlfriend Brenda Stanley. Visions of a hunt and and a hunter stalking his deer prey terrify Jeff. The doctors diagnose brain damage. Days later, a local banker is found dead, his murder eerily similar to the details of Jeff's nightmares, he believes the attack has left him with a sixth sense, a psychic ability to see murder before the event. Jeff uses his visions and his investigative skills to try to solve the crime but as he gets closer to the killer, danger arises from all corners. Will the police trust his revelations are due to psychic visions or attribute his knowledge to a more nefarious means? As Jeff becomes closer to his half brother, dangerous past secrets emerge touching his traumatic childhood. Somewhere danger lurks and Jeff must work hard and fast if he doesn't want to become a victim to one of the dark secrets he uncovers.

L.L. Bartlett writes a magnificent mystery! Murder on the Mind mixes an eerie psychic paranormal element with an investigative hunt for clues and facts, never sacrificing the mystery to an easy resolution. Intriguing twists keep the reader poised at ever page. Murder on the Mind will appeal to a variety of readers from lovers of traditional mysteries to suspense lovers with its ominous, supernatural and even creepy feel and even beyond these genres as moments of tenderness and fear both move the reader's heart. L.L. Bartlett truly leaves the reader guessing, never quite sure of the murderer's identity as terrifying details mix with an investigative trail more typical of light mysteries. The complicated psychological battle between Jeff and his brother might turn either way. With possible brain damage in play, is Jeff a reliable first person narrator? Will past secrets come to light to add another twist to this murder mystery? L.L. Bartlett's fine writing keeps the pages turning with eager anticipation until the very end. Hopefully fans, myself included, will not have to wait for this author's next release (now slated for June 2008)!

Publisher: Five Star (November 2005)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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