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The Millionaire's Proposal
 The Millionaire's Proposal by Trish Wylie
by Trish Wylie

An uplifting, joyous around the world romance!

Kerry Doyle finally scrounged everything together and did it! Leaving all her responsibilities behind, she is finally on a trip to New York City. Now on the plane, all she feels is irritation. The passenger next to her on the plane keeps bumping her and now she must spend all her time trying to ignore him rather than enjoying the trip. When she sees his beautiful eyes, she realizes maybe this trip won't be so bad, especially when he makes a proposal to show her all the out-of-the-way places, opening up her trip to more than just the cliche tourist haunts described in travel guides. Ronan O'Keefe is a seasoned traveler. He knows anything and everything about traveling but what he doesn't have is Kerry's spirited exuberance. Something about her innocence and vivaciousness just makes him want to travel through her fresh eyes and share with her his knowledge. As Kerry and Ronan travel across the world to their final destination in Paris, Ronan knows time is running out. Will he share the secret that has been haunting him? Can love overcome the dark secret locked in his heart? Kerry enjoyed her trip around the world. But does Ronan have what it takes to turn physical attraction and vacation time into something more?

From the first pages of THE MILLIONAIRE'S PROPOSAL, the sparks between Kerry and Ronan fly. Irritation turns into a fun banter between the two with each lighting up the sense of humor and playfulness in each other. The reader feels Kerry's hesitancy to take risks while also feeling her natural kindness and ability to embrace life. Ronan is a charmer from the start and only gets better with each scene as the reader sees the depths behind the man. From the very first encounter, there is no doubt that the hero and the heroine are perfect complements to one another. As Kerry and Ronan share the joy of their lives, the reader can't help but cheer them on. They certainly know how to share the good times, but is their love strong enough to share the bad times as well? Can an around-the-world fun romantic jaunt lead to something more powerful and sustaining?

Trish Wylie's THE MILLIONAIRE'S PROPOSAL is an uplifting romance that brings joy and light inside the heart. Trish Wylie takes the reader on a glorious worldwide trip to exotic and classic locations, from New York City to Fiji to Paris, while at the same time giving the reader a glance into the most intimate places of the heart --- an ability to feel wonder, a vulnerability, an innocence together with a powerful attraction. The dramatic conclusion makes this a romance whose insight into love will resonate with anyone who has loved or hopes to love deeply. THE MILLIONAIRE'S PROPOSAL is a tender romance full of laughter, smiles, a few tears and ultimately a rich joy that fills the heart. Trish Wylie's THE MILLIONAIRE'S PROPOSAL is a romance that will make readers cherish the smaller and bigger moments of life with a renewed sense of delight.

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (September 2008)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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