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McCavett's Bride
McCavett's Bride by Carol Finch
by Carol Finch

Mail order bride and firebrand suffragette blazes into town

With her grandmother monitoring every gesture and blocking her freedom in even the most minute detail, Prudence Perkins is fit to be tied. When Gram finally insists upon a marriage to society bore, Pru makes a wild decision. All prudence vanishes. She answers a mail order ad and ships herself off to Paradise, Oklahoma Territory. No one is going to make her give up her causes or bind her heart in a loveless marriage.

Ex-lawman Jack McCavett wants to retreat from the limelight of his law days and settle down on his land with a quiet woman who will help him run his ranch and not draw any attention to him. He planned on her arrival and the town planned a different arrival greeting ---- but Pru's arrival outdid them both and continues to do so throughout this romance! When this firebrand suffragette hits Paradise, there is hell to pay until half the town wars against the other half. Peace is the last thing Prudence brings to her new home. Jack McCavett may be tough but Pru has him undone from the first look to the last page.

McCavett's Bride is a tremendous reading ride. Secrets abound in this romance and create a nice level of suspense. The secret of the identity of the stagecoach bandits motivates some of the fast paced-action and mystery. Add to that the lies told in the mail order bride ad and the heroine's description of herself! It may not be internet dating but the danger in 1890 was definitely on the extreme side! This heroine is fantastic! Pru is impulsive, smart, a feminist and thinker ahead of her times, someone who loves deeply -- not just the hero--- but she changes everyone she meets. Pru definitely satisfies the a reader's desire for a wild spunky smart heroine.

Publisher: Harlequin (June 2007)

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