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The Mad, Bad Duke
  The Mad, Bad Duke by Jennifer Ashley
by Jennifer Ashley

Another Fantasy Romance Pleasure!

Jennifer Ashley superbly blended dreams of cinderella with sexy romance in her first fantasy about the Land of Nvengaria in Penelope & Prince Charming. In this sequel, Alexander, Grand Duke of Nvengaria, also known as The Mad Bad Duke is living in England, assigned to represent Nvengaria for his cousin, Prince Damien. All the ladies of London are chasing the dark, handsome, bad duke and want him in their beds. When Megan Tavistock meets her married friend Deirdre at Black Annie's home in order for Deirdre to receive a "lust charm" so that she can lure Alex into her bed, something goes wrong with the charm. When Megan holds the charm for Deirdre in her reticule so that Deirdre's husband does not discover it, it is only Megan that Alex lusts for upon first sight when he enters the ballroom. He takes her innocence at the ball and later insists upon marriage. Thinking that they only lust for each other due to the lust charm, Alex and Megan stuggle with their intense feelings of passion and desire. Nvengarians are naturally lustful people, but when Alex discovers he just happens to be half logosh, one of the magical beings of Nvengaria, his animal instincts become more intense during intense passion with Megan and he becomes concerned that he will harm her the more they are together. He fights his feelings of lust and love and his half logosh self. As their love grows the danger builds for the troubled Alex and Nvengaria. It is then up to Megan to help Alex realize that true love, not lust and a lust charm, will help him come to terms with his past, face his future, and help save Nvengaria. The Mad Bad Duke is a beautiful, magical, sensual story with the perfect blend of fantasy and romance that is difficult to put down.

Publisher: Leisure (December 2006)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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