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Long Gone
Long Gone by Alafair Burke
by Alafair Burke


Alice Humphrey wants to make it on her own without the help of her family.  A lay-off doesn't make that easy.  Then, suddenly opportunity comes her way.  Drew Campbell offers her a job managing a new art gallery in Manhattan's Meatpacking District with one hitch.  The anonymous wealthy owner wants the first show to feature a specific artist.  Alice isn't exactly crazy about the art work, but once this show is over, according to Drew, the owner will be hands-off, allowing her to run the gallery as she sees fit.  How can she resist?  Now she can finally step out of the shadows of her famous filmmaker father.  Just as she is getting settled into the new job, everything goes wrong. When she opens the gallery, everything is gone --- everything except Drew Campbell's dead body.  Suddenly, Alice is the center of a police investigation.  How can she prove her innocence?  All the links to the job offer and Drew Campbell lead nowhere.  Alice knows she has been set up, particularly when the police uncover a link between the gallery and a missing girl.  In order to clear herself, Alice will risk her life in a chase to find the answers to a crime that combines art and technology.  As Alice unearths deeply hidden family secrets, the danger level rises.  Will Alice be able to clear her name -- and at what cost?

LONG GONE, Alafair Burke's first stand alone thriller, is full of exciting and carefully plotted twists cleverly revealed that keep a reader guessing to the end.  Even when one thinks one knows all the answers, a few carefully plotted surprises add delightful twists.  Alafair Burke escalates the dramatic suspense in ever increasing levels as Alice digs deeper and deeper for answers.  Alice Humphrey is a likable character, one with which a reader can easily identify or empathize.  The very well-written dynamics between Alice Humphrey and her family draw the reader into Alice's character and the emotion of the story. The narrative style flows smoothly.  LONG GONE is a book this reader could not put down.  

Alafair Burke is a writer to watch and follow. Not only were her earlier books very good, but with each new novel, Alafair Burke's mastery of her craft becomes richer. One gets the feeling that this author does not rely on the sensationalistic flash of shocking details so common in the suspense genre but rather she is a writer who uses the narrative itself and her characters to create suspense. LONG GONE is a keeper. After completing the final page of an Alafair Burke novel, one eagerly awaits the next. Quite simply, LONG GONE is wonderful suspense. With each new novel I read by this author, I feel that Alafair Burke has lasting power within the genre. Highly recommended!

Publisher: Harper (June 21, 2011)
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