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Lessons From A Courtesan
  Lessons From A Courtesan by Jenna Petersen
by Jenna Petersen

Passionate and Sensually Delicious!

Jenna Petersen is well-known for her superb Regency Lady Spy Series and her well-written sensually alluring erotic romances written under the pseudonym Jess Michaels. "Lessons from a Courtesan" is a delicious perfect blend of both Ms. Petersen and Michaels.

Victoria Reed is a beautiful innocent who has been used as a pawn by her father when he blackmails the handsome, Justin Talbot, Earl of Baybary to marry Victoria. Victoria is taken in passionately by the handsome earl and feels she can make this marriage work, even if arranged, especially after an intense sensual wedding night that turns passion and desire into love for Victoria. Suddenly all of her dreams drift away as Justin shows her passion on their wedding night, awakens her sensuality, only to leave her alone at his country estate as he leaves for London the following morning.

For three years, Victoria expertly runs Justin's estate and transfers her passion and love for him to his people and lands and buries her sadness of abandonment with special friendships with a few ladies in the district. Suddenly one of their friends is missing after leaving the country and finding a protector in London. Victoria and her other friend Marah arrange for Victoria to become the famous Courtesan "Ria" as a cover so they can find the whereabouts of their friend. As the men of London are rushing to Victoria's side, frenzied to become the famous "Ria's protector, Victoria runs into Justin. Both are enraged to see each other and Justin realizes that he will not stand another man having what is his and that he has never stopped thinking of Victoria and their sensual wedding night all these years. Can Justin keep Victoria from finding a protector; bring her back to his bed, while not admitting that he really is and has been attracted to her, missing her all this time? Can Victoria continue her quest to find her friend while ignoring the desire and intense passion she has never lost for Justin? Soon Justin discovers Victoria's true reason for being in London posing as a courtesan, and begins to blackmail her, claiming that he will find her friend while sharing her bed. Will Justin and Victoria come to terms with all the lies and early blackmail in their marriage and deal with the intense sexual attraction that soon turns to love, so they can finally have a true marriage?

"Lessons from a Courtesan" is an extremely sexy story with characters so interesting the reader simply cannot put this book down. Be ready to sit back, turn off the television, stop everything, and be ready to read this book in one night!

Publisher: Avon (July 2008)
Reviewed by Beverly, Beverly Romance Books
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