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The Leopard Prince
  The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
by Elizabeth Hoyt

Sophisticated Fairy Tale Passion

Elizabeth Hoyt captivated romance fans with her previous story The Raven Prince. In The Leopard Prince she mesmerizes fans with a sexy and passionate story about a bastard land steward and an aristocrat lady who fall in love. Harry Pye has led a tragic and rough life. As the bastard son of Lord Granville he has lost his father, a part of his hand, his home, and good name in an attempt to save his father's life and mother's honor from the evil Lord Granville who uses and discards not just women, but anything around him. In a strange twist Harry became one of his discards, while Lord Granville kept Harry's brother Bennett as his heir. The handsome Harry is exiled for years, but then recently returns to the land of his birth and becomes the land steward to Lady Georgina Maitland. The beautiful, charming and independent Georgina has inherited the lands next to Lord Granville from her grandmother. Already gossips are focused on her because it is shocking for a lady of the ton to own and operate her own lands. The rumor mill is really brewing now that it is rumored she is infatuated with her handsome steward. Georgina is more than infatuated with Harry. The moment they meet desire sparks and passion grows. She is captivated with his looks, strength and talent for working her lands, as well as his talent for animal wood carvings. As they meet for many moments of passion, Georgina begins to tell Harry the story of a Leopard Prince. The story and Georgina captivate Harry and he gifts her with a carving of a Leopard in a cage. Soon their idyll is interrupted as Harry is accused of poisoning the sheep of local farmers and in a further shocking incident where he is accused of poisoning a local woman. And to make matters worse, Georgina's family become involved with trying to drive a wedge between them and lure her away from Harry. As Georgina and those close to Harry work at proving his innocence, Georgina and Harry's love grows. But then Georgina begins to feel that maybe her love may hurt more than help Harry. She makes a difficult decision to free the Leopard from his cage, obey her family, and marry within the nobility. As the many truths in Harry's past are revealed and numerous accusations are overcome, can Harry prove to Georgina that he truly loves her before she makes a mistake and marries the wrong man for her? Will Georgina come to realize that true love is what can set the Leopard free? The Leopard Prince is a touching and moving story with characters and a storyline so interesting that the reader does not want the story to end. A series destined for romance collectors, fans are looking forward to the next book in the Prince Series, The Serpent Prince.

Publisher: Warner Forever (April 2007)

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