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Laird of the Mist
Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
by Paula Quinn

An intensely captivating Scottish romance!
Set in 17th century Scotland, Laird of the Mist is a historical romance full of passion in which the historical clan background lays a solid foundation for Paula Quinn’s riveting characterization and romance. In her fourth book, Paula Quinn moves away from the medieval period into a later period of history that gives readers a window into a more obscure slice of Scottish history as it might have been experienced by the men and women in their hearts, passionate and torn by past loyalties and even written law.

Kate Campbell is a strong, feisty woman not afraid to stand up for herself but when raiders arrive, a Highlander whisks her away on his stallion. Imagine her horror when she discovers that her rescuer is none other than the man they call the Devil --- a man known for his brutality, a man whose name cannot even be spoken under penalty of law. Those who sympathize with the bloodthirsty MacGregor clan receive no sympathy but risk branding or hanging. When attraction and passion would unite them, can romance stand against centuries of clan history and law?

Callum MacGregor, a handsome but fierce warrior has given up everything, even his very name in the bloody feud between the Campbells and the MacGregors and the resulting proscription. As an outlaw and murderer, Callum is the ultimate wounded soul hero bent on revenge. With Kate in his hands, the granddaughter of the Earl of Argyll, the very man who imprisoned him in a dark dungeon in his youth, Callum knows he has the means to the ultimate vengeance in his hands. With even his very name wiped out of existence and hatred laying ruin to his soul, Kate’s beauty and inner fire brings a glimmer into his heart. Will Callum deny the one hope he has to enter the world of living men again in his bid for retribution? With Kate and Callum now forced together in such close quarters, will the untold secrets and lies once come to light?

In Laird of the Mist, the passionate romance that characterizes Paula Quinn’s romance is coupled with a new and more mature precision in her writing style. Whereas her debut novel Lord of Desire uses descriptive prose to set the scene and passion, Laird of the Mist has both the intensity of her earlier works plus more subtle variations in style that show her true skill as a narrative artist. The addition of more secondary characters and the addition of more historical details creates a romance that expands outward, allowing the reader to feel the time period in a way that heightens both passion of the romance and the reader’s desire to know more about the history between these two clans. Paula Quinn use of focused description and a carefully unfolding plot in the theme of the name and the unspeakable name creates an elegantly built narrative structure that intensifies the emotional depth of her characters. In Laird of the Mist, everything works together ---- characterization, plot, historical research that becomes a lived reality of her characters, writing style and thematic structure ---- to create an unforgettable romance. Laird of the Mist is a beautiful, intense romance, marking Paula Quinn as a wonderful new voice in historical romance, a new voice that has truly found her niche. Laird of the Mist is quite simply an awesome captivating romance!

Publisher: Warner Forever (December 2007)

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews

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